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Remember the Alamo, Part 2

Few weeks ago I wrote about the Alamo and the controversy on somehow changing the look of Alamo Plaza to restore it to historic roots. The Council presented it as part of an estimated $450 million plan to redevelop the Alamo Plaza. The City Council conferred to decide how to improve a defined public space with the majority of vehicle traffic removed. May 11 last year they decided to have the Alamo Cenotaph in front of the Alamo in the 1930s be restored and relocated somewhere else. The reaction from numerous activist groups who attended a protest rally of well over 100 at the Cenotaph last Saturday, exploded! The Alamo Descendants Association, the Protectors of All Things Texas and This Is Texas Freedom Force, to name three, showed up. Various makeshift signs were waved at the rally as well. The most popular sign was, “Don’t move the Cenotaph,” followed by “Remember the Alamo. Not reimagine.” Many local and state-wide residents, plus many from other places and numerous Alamo lovers around the country are really upset that the council not only wants to change the look of the Alamo but move the Cenotaph and alter it somewhat. To date the council has not proposed exactly how they plan to do that. Having covered some Citizens to Be Heard at City Council with This Is Texas Freedom Force, I heard grave...

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Peace and Music for the Somerset Boy Scouts

August 18, 2018 – Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to the second annual Psychedelic Peace Tour! This year’s Peace Tour will be hosting the local Somerset Boy Scouts, who will be having a mesquite wood sale at the event. Along with the Boy Scout sales, there will be a Retro Gaming Competition, Food & Beverage Booth, Dunking Booth, Paint Ball Booth, multiple bands playing throughout the night, and more! The event will be at the Chisholm Trail Fairgrounds, 17400 Somerset Rd Von Ormy TX, starting at 3:30pm and ends at 11:30pm, with the competition beginning at 4:00 and bands playing at 6:30. The Psychedelic Peace Tour has an entry fee of $7.00 at the gate, $5.00 entry for pre-sold access, military IDs and student IDs, and children under 5 enter for...

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An open letter to the leaders and families of our South San Community

Those of us who speak up for our children’s needs, express our frustrations with a failed system and have a critical voice of our leadership have been branded by some as, cynical and hopeless. What compels me to reach out to you is in fact, my hope for change. I believe in our redemptive system of Democracy. The beauty of our American ways is that the difference in our opinions does not take away from anyone’s civic duty to vote or right to advocate. I speak to you from the corner of my world, from my street, from my neighborhood and for my family. Every family’s experience, even the sad stories, constitute the reality of the environment that we live in. Do not be fooled by discouraging rhetoric, our stories do matter. We share our stories for strength. We speak up for change. We advocate for action, not promises. We elect you. Your profession and power is because of the constituency that you vowed to serve. With the South San ISD Tax Ratification Election, we have your attention. We are all listening and watching, we will hold each other accountable. Lay down your defenses, listen to our stories, and empathize with our frustrations. We cannot change a reality that we do not acknowledge. More money, may alleviate some issues, but the real solution is a cohesion of transparency, accountability,...

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Kelly Field: How it transformed the Westside

San Antonio’s large Mexican American community, for many years, largely concentrated in the southern and western portion of the city, owes much of its stability to the presence of Kelly Air Force Base in the western edge of the city. In the postwar decades, Kelly Field, as it was known, was for many decades the largest industrial employer in San Antonio, with over 25,000 employees at its peak. Scholars estimate that Mexican Americans represented sixty percent of that workforce. Jobs at Kelly, over its eighty-five year existence, made it possible for thousands of Mexican Americans families to move into...

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Unemployment Rate in San Antonio & New Braunfels MSA Rises to 3.6%

(July 20, 2018) Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) released information today indicating that the unemployment rate in the eight county San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan statistical area (MSA) rose to 3.6 percent in June. Since this time last year, 15,500 jobs have been added, resulting in a 1.5 percent increase. Annual and monthly job growth continues in most major industries. The greatest job growth occurred in Construction which reported 1,100 jobs (2.0%) between May and June, while Other Services came in second with an addition of 900 jobs (2.3%), Trade, Transportation, and Utilities grew by 700 jobs (0.4%), Leisure and Hospitality with 700 jobs (0.5%), Financial Activities added 500 jobs (0.6%), Manufacturing added 400 jobs (0.8%), 300 additional jobs (1.5%) were reported by Information and Mining and Logging reports 100 more jobs (1.1%). The largest losses were in Government at -2,800 jobs (-1.8%), but the industry reports an annual positive growth of 1,600 jobs (0.9%), Education and Health Services lost -2,200 jobs (-1.3%) and two reports an annual positive change of 4,100 jobs (2.5%), and Professional and Business Services lost -800 jobs (-0.6%) but maintains a positive overall annual number of 900 jobs (0.7%) since June 2017. Comparing the Workforce Solutions Alamo metro area to the state and nation, the Texas seasonally unadjusted (actual) unemployment rate increased to 4.2 percent in June, up from 3.7 reported in May. The nation’s unadjusted...

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