Times have changed. The world we live in today is worlds apart from when we were children. We used to play in the front yard unattended until right before it got dark and the street lights came on. We stayed home alone without a babysitter. I went to teen night clubs until 2am. I went to keg parties out in the country when I was 15 with no parents present. What did you do as a child that would be considered dangerous today?
Rob Gonzales: “Ride in the back of pick up trucks. On the side wall, not the bed”

​​​​Sally Ann Larios Herrera: “My parents had a lot of large pecan trees and I use to get on the roof of our house to knock down the pecans”


Chavez Stephanie: “Hug”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “We rode in the back of the truck, ran the neighborhood, walked home from school, didn’t wear bike helmets”

Thomas Mc: “Lived with my family”

Isaacjay Villanueva :
“What didn’t I do?”

Melissa P Broschat: “Rode in back of truck, climbed on roof of house at night to watch stars and let us not forget, having to pick our own switch for a whoopin would now a days be considered cruel and illegal but damn it, I grew up a well adjusted individual, go figure”

Mark Gibbons: “Jump off my roof”

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead: “Sit on the roof of my grandmother’s two story House and watch traffic go by…”

Michelle Montemayor: “Walking unattended to the community pool to swim until supper time”

Noel Tello: “I was walking to school alone or with other kids as early as third grade. Folks would fit now.”

John Paul Ortiz: ‘Date crazy girls that had crazy boyfriends”

Hope Robinson: “No seatbelts in cars”

Carolina Roberts: ‘Ride in the back of the truck for sure, and yes no seatbelt, for some might think drinking out of the water hose.”

Patrick Southard: “I stuck a bobby pin in an outlet”

Traci Martinez: “We would jump off our roof top into the pool”

Vanessa McBryde: “I’m not sure how I was never abducted as a child. I had 0 adult supervision.”

NormaJean Hesskew: ‘I remember way, way back in the day when my brother and I were in 2nd and 3rd grade. Talk about unsupervised. But we did ask for permission though. We’d take the bus downtown to go watch a movie at the Texas theater with one other little kid, just us 3. Anyway, we knew how to get downtown but couldn’t figure out how to get back by bus so we’d “walk” from downtown to the West Durango apts. Don’t ask me how many miles away that is cause I don’t know. But I bet you won’t see that nowadays. And today, pffft, we freak out when we see kids playing in the front yard of a house with no fence unsupervised.”

Anita Repya: “I would ride my bike down this high hill full speed through an intersection never looking just flying full speed”

Tanya Flores: ‘We would walk through the monte and watch the people swim across the river from Nuevo Laredo to Laredo.”

Lydia Curran: “Walk down the railroad tracks to the grocery store to get candy over the viaduct. I remember running fast because a train was coming. I was 9 years old “

Manuel C. Ortiz Jr.: “Ride on the hood of the car to see who could brave the highest speed”