When the announcement was made that the President and the First Lady tested positive for Covid-19, Joe Biden tweeted wishing them well and a healthy recovery. That spoke volumes to me about despite how terrible and insulting the first debate was, there is still decency in people. What do you think? Let’s talk about it.. #Letstalkaboutit

Lydia Curran: “That’s how good decent human beings act . That’s normal. We haven’t had normal in forever; the last four years anyway. So when someone acts thoughtful, everybody is amazed.”

Thomas Mc: ”I think the karma police arrested him”

Annabelle Perez Martinez: “This is one disease, I wouldn’t wish on anyone, regardless of how I feel about him. Speedy recovery for all.”

Carolina Rodriguez-Roberts: “Sad. He should have worn his mask. He should have realized how serious this is; not to sweep it under the rug; not just say people are dying it is what it is. He’s in my prayers regardless of how he acts.”

Orlando Cardenas: “It was a nice gesture. But at the end of the day, career politicians are really good at saying what we think we want to hear.”

Christine Olivarri: “ Speaks volumes for sure! And he also took out all negative campaigning ads; Trump hasn’t! Figures! There’s so many lies going on about his Covid! Wonder if he really has it! His way of getting votes Sympathy Votes! He couldn’t stand to do another Debate! His way of getting out of it..Trumps way of Campaigning..But still getting his Votes. POS! If it was the other way around , Trump would be bashing him non-stop!”

Terry Salas Hernandez: “It shows Biden has class. Obama wished them well too. I know this clown would not have done the same for anyone. Unless the KKK got the virus”

Yvette Elizabeth: “I don’t think he had a choice. I’m sure his campaign people had him do it”

Kathy Elaine: “Irresponsible fool..now look..ha ! Bet he will be doing things different after this.”

Mike Miller: “Joe Biden didn’t have a choice. He had to say something. “Lol” would not have been a good response. Honestly, how many times have we been fake ourselves because to say what we think would not be so wise?”

\Chris Jones: “ Honestly, he didn’t have to say ANYTHING. The Difference is Biden isn’t a selfish Individual who mocks and makes fun of others.. He could have said, “IT IS WHAT IT IS” but didn’t.. He choose to be A Human Being, not A POS”

Oscar Garza: “He should have said, “Told you so Mo Fo”

Jeff Mahl: “ He could have wished them an early retirement.”

Tea Santos: “Everyone, out of moral respect, should say such as sentiment.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “I don’t think it’s a political stunt cause that doesn’t make me change my mind about him or feel sympathy for him. His actions got him where he’s at right this moment!”

Amanda Cena: “To me it shows education and class. Political leaders always get ugly during elections. However, that man that has the honor of being in the white house has yet to show he is an honorable man. Maybe this happened to him for mocking others about covid to begin with. I also think it could be a political stunt because really he has a lot of people looking at him like his word means nothing.”