I have heard there are many people that have been without power for days. Some are saying that people in richer sides of town are not having any power outages. Do you think there is anything behind this? Let’s talk about it…

Traci Martinez: “We are on the Southside, Palo Alto area, and we didn’t lose power or water. I am sorry that people are experiencing this on this beautiful day, but let’s not make it a rich or poor situation. San Antonio is just not equipped for this weather.”

Elsa Sixtos: “Well, I don’t know about that. I’m in the poorest neighborhood in the city, which is the main deep west side, and our power hasn’t gone off, not even once.”

Daisy De La Fuente: “Ours has not gone out, but I’m guessing it’s because we have a hospital on our street, a block away. I don’t know if that could be a factor.”

Danielle Marie Haywood: “I have read that homes that are on the same grid with critical facilities won’t experience power outages, for example hospitals. There’s a lot that goes into determining where the rollouts can happen. The most important thing right now is that people with power NEED to conserve and reduce usage so that power can be restored to those without it.”

Audrey Tarte-Davis: “I have to disagree about the richer neighborhoods because I have friends all over the city without power. I have a tiny tiny house and so far I’ve been blessed to still have power. It seems like the bigger the house the less power they have. So I think it is quite the opposite of this statement.”

Vincent Zamora: “I lost power yesterday then got it back a few hours later. At 2 am, I started losing power: on for 5 min, off for 45 min. It was not even enough time for the heater to come on. We already ran out of kerosene so no more heaters and the house is a chilly 50°. I’m sure it will drop tonight without power. So 15 hrs of this on/ off now. The temp inside my house is 36° in Comal county.”

Mari Medellin: “I’m not rich nor in a rich neighborhood but I’ve had power all day.”

Maria Chávez Rocco: “A friend in Comal County has been without for 2 days now and needs it for home dialysis!! Can’t get info from anyone !!”

Sally Ann Larios Herrera: “Well I don’t know where the rich houses are, but our power has been down since 1:30 and goes on for a little bit then down again.”

Leslie Komet Ausburn: “Yvette,I have had 2-3 minutes of power every couple of hours yesterday. Not enough for anything to happen except damage to our appliances from the surge on and off. NO power since 7 pm last night. Some people never lost power. If they want to do rolling great, but a lot of families like ours are freezing with no relief in sight. Just got text from CPS saying power had been restored. Not true. It is still out and 44 degrees in our home.”

Ray Nuñez: “I’m in a good middle class area and for a short while was getting 5min of light every 30min but now I’ve been without power completely for about 30hours now.”

Alice Herrera: “NOT TRUE!! I live in Helotes and don’t have electric power! Haven’t since last night around 1 am. It’s been off and on and now completely off. I do have a generator though.”

Holly Benchoff: “I live in boerne….fairly affluent…we are 1 hour on 1 hour off for rolling power outages”

Judith Tello: “We’ve been out of power since 2am here next to Sea World. Our fire alarms have been going off constantly. Don’t know what to eat, probably just cereal. We’ve been trying to call our favorite restaurants but no answer. Bummer! Probably won’t get much sleep again tonight.”

Missy Stafford Tello: “My kids at school used to say they turn on the rich people’s lights first. I didn’t think that was true but we have a senator that lives a street over from us, so hmmm?”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “I used to lose power all the time until the city worked on this area & haven’t had an outage in a few years! 78245 near Ellison & Marbach Rd. My son lives by 90/1604 and they have an outage.”

Leticia Rodriguez Vazquez: “My daughter lives in Buda, they haven’t had power or water since 3 am.”

Mandy Arriaga Esquivel: “I live in the west side and I have power, but half of our apartment complex has solar and the other half of the apartment complex is out of electricity.”

Lynda Lynette Guerrero: “I’m in Helotes and power has been on and off since 2am. It only comes back on for about 10-20 minutes. It’s crap. Hasn’t stayed on long enough to cook or even warm the house.”

Kelly Narvaez: “78250 has Power five mins every hour since 2am. It doesn’t make sense when I’m hearing others have not lost any power?”

Connie D Lopez: “Now to get the honchos up in congress to update all our services for all types of weather. I truly believe this will be a new norm of living for us with global warming.”

Sally Schopp Patino: “78255 has not had power since 2 am. Power finally came on about 1pm and now it’s off again.”

Starrlynda Coulter: “Power was off since 8 am came back on at 5 pm in the 78228 Culebra Park area. I was unable to do my treatments with nebulizer.”