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Some Questions  About Guns

Some Questions About Guns

My morning ritual begins with coffee and my iPad news feeds. But this morning, I look at a headline and ask my wife, “Which mass murder is this?” As soon as I say it, I realize that I’ve crossed into new territory where shock, bewilderment, numbness, and outrage shape...

2023 LULAC  State Convention

2023 LULAC State Convention

La Prensa Texas had the honor of being the exclusive media covering the Texas LULAC Convention 2023 in Laredo, TX! Community Liaison Ramon Chapa Jr once again made the trip to cover the premier Civil Rights Organization in America! LULAC deals with civil rights,...

House With Ramp,  On Via Route,  For Sale

House With Ramp, On Via Route, For Sale

It took me 2 years to locate a house on a VIA route before I purchased my house, and there was no sidewalk, much less a curb ramp then. So I know there are people looking for housing near wheelchair-accessible bus stops. There is a VIA bus stop with 2 mini-seats (due...


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