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Established in 1913, La Prensa Texas is a historic, independently-owned English and Spanish newspaper and online publication. La Prensa is the first and oldest English and Spanish newspaper publication in the state of Texas. In June of 2018, Steve Duran resurrected the paper one more time to not only bring a positive, diverse voice to the community and to help marginalize community access relevant and meaningful information that impacts their lives. La Prensa Texas continues to be compassionate towards our beloved community. We are demonstrating our ability to deliver hyperlocal news to include sports coverage and live polls that keeps our diverse community informed. La Prensa Texas’ community involvement provides an arena that promotes and encourages communication and interaction. Historically this paper covers newsworthy topics in a way that is unmatched by larger media establishments. We are the platform that is most reliable, accessible, tangible and affordable when deciding on how to get the word out. We are here for businesses, entrepreneurs, government, education, and community. We cover the streets. We are pursuing an eclectic array of news beats. We envision a reporter on every corner by dividing our city into districts for coverage ultimately covering all of Texas and beyond. La Prensa Texas is re-imagined on an open source platform, illuminating the crevices of culture while continuing positive perspective by covering our city’s strengths and possibilities.

The English and Spanish newspaper is printed on Sundays, covering positive, informative, and investigative stories. La Prensa Texas is in partnership with Westside Development Corporation, KROV Radio Station and The Social Being.

La Prensa Staff

Steve A Duran Sr

Ramon Chapa Jr

Yvette Tello
Executive Vice President

Roxanne Eguia
Editor In Chief

Victoria Ward
Graphic Designer

Steve Walker
Ricardo Romo
Jessica Duran

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