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Established in 1913, La Prensa Texas is a historic, independently-owned English and Spanish newspaper and online publication. We cover various aspects of local community news San Antonio. La Prensa is the first and oldest English and Spanish newspaper publication in the state of Texas. In June of 2018, Steve Duran resurrected the paper one more time to not only bring a positive, diverse voice to the community and to help marginalize community access relevant and meaningful information that impacts their lives. La Prensa Texas continues to be compassionate towards our beloved community. We are demonstrating our ability to deliver hyperlocal news to include sports coverage and live polls that keeps our diverse community informed through our local community news San Antonio. La Prensa Texas’ community involvement provides an arena that promotes and encourages communication and interaction. Historically this paper covers newsworthy topics in a way that is unmatched by larger media establishments. We are the platform that is most reliable, accessible, tangible and affordable when deciding on how to get the word out. We are here for businesses, entrepreneurs, government, education, and community. We cover the streets. We are pursuing an eclectic array of news beats. We envision a reporter on every corner by dividing our city into districts for coverage ultimately covering all of Texas and beyond. La Prensa Texas is re-imagined on an open source platform, illuminating the crevices of culture while continuing positive perspective by covering our city’s strengths and possibilities.

The English and Spanish newspaper is printed on Sundays, covering positive, informative, and investigative stories. La Prensa Texas is in partnership with Westside Development Corporation and KROV Radio Station.

La Prensa Staff

Steve A Duran Sr

Ramon Chapa Jr

Yvette Tello
Executive Vice President

Roxanne Eguia
Editor In Chief

Victoria Ward
Graphic Designer

Steve Walker
Ricardo Romo
Jessica Duran


Tommy Calvert – Bexar County Commissioner for Precinct 4. Los Angeles Weekly called him San Antonio’s “wunderkind” and Gardner Selby of the Austin-American Statesman said he is “one to watch” in Texas politics. Calvert started his own public relations and public affairs firm, Calvert International Consulting (CIC), in 2002. Over the past 16 years, CIC has been a trusted advisor to public sector leaders.

David Duran – HEB Business Unit Director and former HEB wine buyer & connoisseur. Mr. Duran has been with HEB since 1972, serving in various positions. Mr. Duran currently sits on the Board for The Children’s Shelter and the Texas Water Development Board.

Steve Duran – Owner and publisher of La Prensa Texas. Known for his generosity in the local community, Mr. Duran worked at Alamo Colleges for 16+ years, served as League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council President and is involved with the San Antonio Literary Council, the San Antonio Public Facilities Corporation and Mexican American Unity Council. In 2017, he was crowned King of the Pinatas in the Barrio during Fiesta.

Dr. William Elizondo – President of My Optical and Barchester Properties. Mr. Elizondo is a retired
optometrist, former Marine and War veteran. His career includes National Health Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, SAISD Board President, Governing Person of Refractive Surgery Consultants of San Antonio, Director of the Clearview Medical Center of Texas, President of the Clearview Medical Foundation of Texas and President of Sevene Investments, Inc.

Louis Escareno – Licensed attorney in private practice focused on public policy advocacy, public affairs, government relations and law. Mr. Escareno brings more than 30 years of experience in public policy and law with experience and a strong focus on the US-Mexico border region; is general counsel and director of government and public affairs for Duty Free America/UETA and sits on the board of the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, the Border Trade Alliance and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, among other groups.

Fernando Reyes – President of Reyes Automotive Group II and Reyes Amtex Automotive. Mr. Reyes is a businessman, entrepreneur, community leader and family-oriented individual. Before starting his businesses, Mr. Reyes worked for the federal government; specialized in government contracting and worked on special projects for the White House, Congress and other federal agencies. He is an active member in multiple civic organizations.

Leonard Rodriguez – President & Executive Director of the Westside Development Corporation (WDC). Mr. Rodriguez is an entrepreneur with White House and Wall Street experience. He was an appointed advisor to the President of the United States, worked as a venture capitalist in New York City, led numerous real estate development projects and has launched multiple successful companies including a consulting firm with offices in San Antonio, Houston and Washington, D.C. In 2017, he was a recipient of the St. Benitia Humanitarian Award.

Dr. Ricardo Romo – Historian, writer, photographer and Chicano art curator. Dr. Romo also authors a weekly column on culture and politics for La Prensa Texas. For 20 years, he served as the President of the University of Texas at San Antonio, was a founding member of the Briscoe Museum and currently serves on the SWRI Board.

Yvette Tello – Executive Vice President of La Prensa Texas. Ms. Tello is a marketing & strategy consultant and owner of a local construction and maintenance company. An advocate for television and film in Texas, she is also working with a production team on the development of an original T.V. series, a slate of films and documentaries centered in San Antonio and is the associate producer for Pancho and Lefty, a feature film in the works. Ms. Tello is a founding member of the Internet Television Association (itvaa).

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