Folklore of San Antonio

What is folklore you might ask? It’s the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth. There are also numerous synonyms for “Folklore” to include: mythology, oral history, tradition, legends, fables, myths,...

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Being Resilient

Many factors contribute to permanent change in a person. Whether it’s someone’s personal or business life, a person must be resilient. Resilience projects one’s ability to embrace challenges, overcome adversity and continue the path of achieving goals. Resilience is...

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The Birth of Borderland Folklore

Born in 1915, Americo Paredes, rose to become the founder of Mexican American Folklore in America and creator of Mexican American Studies in Texas. In 1937, Paredes published his first poems in La Prensa of San Antonio. Paredes, a native of Brownsville, studied at the...

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Monolingual or Bilingual

In the wake of the Deer Park chemical fire, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo employed her bilingual skills to deliver updates in English and Spanish, prompting criticism from a commissioner in a neighboring county. Despite Hidalgo’s effort to communicate with Hispanic...

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Fiesta is almost here!

With Fiesta 2019 officially just 4 days away, San Antonio is looking to celebrate another successful and exciting tradition. The April 18th opening ceremony will once again offer a fun experience that I will have the privilege of covering it for La Prensa Texas as...

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Avoid Shady Contractors Following Storms

As the weather heats up, so does the threat of severe weather in Texas. Many homeowners may be finding themselves having to deal with damage from lightning, high winds and hail. Now is also the time when unethical contractors might be showing up trying to con people...

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First-Ever Dallas Cowboys Fiesta® Medals

The Dallas Cowboys launch their first-ever Fiesta medal that goes on sale April 2. The medal will initially be sold online at shopfiesta.org and then sold at retail outlets throughout San Antonio, including H-E-B. The cost of the medal is $15. Proceeds from the sales...

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