La Chancla is the secret of our culture. It is the most effective weapon known to a latin kid. This traditional technique kept us in line. Some kids have described it as a weapon of mass destruction. Growing up Tello, our methods of discipline were very straightforward: You did what you were told or you were punished. Not obeying guaranteed un chancletazo (a spanking with a flip flop). Offering to hit with other things such as belts and tree branches was not out of the question.

My parents delivered on their threats but my brothers and I weren’t dumb; we knew how to act. The rules were the rules there was no room for negotiation. I have friends who have told me their mother had a perfect aim with the chancla.. What is your most recalled memory of the Chancla? Do you think the world would be a better place if we brought back the Reign of the Chancla? Blue Rose Alvarez I still cringe and laugh when I think about my mom or one of my tias pulling that chancla off her foot. It was usually preceded by “werco cabron” or “hijo de la!” Even though we thought it was funny, it was no laughing matter to be smacked in the arm or leg with that sucker. It stung like a muthuh!” Charlene Smith I believe disciplining children will make the world a better place.

We didn’t have the chancla, we had a look that if you ignored it a weapon of some sort followed usually a belt for a spanking. We also had community discipline. Aunts, Uncle, neighbors also pitched in. If I was acting up somewhere, when I got home my mom already knew and we didn’t have cellphones back then!!!” Blue Rose Alvarez “ Community discipline! I love that term! I remember the surrogate tias and grandmas in the neighborhood. They didn’t actually smack you with a chancla but your mama definitely found out about your shenanigans ( — or tus pendejadas). When “La Señora Ramirez” got after you, even your mama respected that! It really did take a village.” Rick Perez “I believe the chancla was a mother of all bombs ( MOD ) it worked.” Jesse Rivas “My mom threw a chancla like a boomerang !!!! Lol” Anthony Tijerina “I believe so,these kids today have it easy get away with a lot” Ruby Puente Losoya “Yup, I agree… they have no morals , now a days…I said stupid, I’ll never forget, I got my mouth washed with soap, by my uncle. Never said it again. In my grandmothers casa, not a curse word , was ever said..let’s bring back the chancla”