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City of San Antonio Westside Development Corporation (WDC) Names Ramiro Gonzales as President and CEO

Contact: Sara Reyes (210) 394-9863  City of San Antonio Westside Development Corporation (WDC) Names Ramiro Gonzales as President and CEO Ramiro Gonzales available for interviews today between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. The Westside Development Corporation (WDC) Board of Directors has named Ramiro Gonzales as President and CEO, effective Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Gonzales is a life-long resident of San Antonio, attended Edison High School, and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio. “The Westside Development Corporation board of directors is extremely pleased with the selection of Ramiro Gonzales as its new president,” said Joe Carreon,...

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Westside Development Corporation Seeks Partnerships to Redevelop Historical Basila Frocks

By Melinda Gonzales The Westside Develop- ment Corporation (WDC) has issued a Request for Interest/Information (RFI) to solicit responses from the development commu- nity regarding a potential redevelopment partnership opportunity of the Basila Frocks building at 502 N. Zarzamora. This project aims to revi- talize a historically signifi- cant community asset that was nearly demolished to be a discount dollar store. It was saved by the per- sistent efforts of nearby community groups like the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center and West End Hope in Action. The Basila family origi- nally constructed the build- ing and established the Basila Frocks Co. in 1929 to house garment manu- facturers and commercial shops. Located in the Pros- pect Hill Neighborhood, the 20,000 square foot building has since, over the years, served multiple uses includ- ing offices, a grocery store, a ballroom, restaurants, and live music space. The cur- rent vision for the building is to become small business office space that can also be used for community work- shops on entrepreneurship and technology. “We’re looking for a re- development partner who appreciates the potential and significance of this building to the Westside community. Renovation of this site will bring new hope and economic activity to an area where it is long over- due” said Ramiro Gonzales, the newly-named CEO of the Westside Development Corporation. WDC purchased the property in 2018 in...

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Águilas de Veracruz campeón del playoff Colt 45 Baseball League

Por Sendero Deportivo “Estoy súper orgulloso de mi equipo (Águilas de Veracruz). Todos nuestros jugadores son MVP”, así se expresó Luis Cerros, manager de Águilas, quien junto con su coach y jugador Jaime Cárdenas, con su plan en la defensiva y ofensiva realizaron la hazaña de batir al trabuco Indios de Nava, en lo que fue una peleada serie por el campeonato del playoff en la legendaria Colt 45 Baseball League, que es administrada por el beisbolista Jaime Guerrero. La seria pactada a ganar 2 de 3 partidos, Nava se adjudicó el primer partido lo que les dio delantera...

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Latino Voters Will Make a Difference in 2020

By Dr. Ricardo Romo August is proving to be a momenmental month for Latinos in the  2020 presidential election.  In a highly orchestrated  virtual convention, the Biden-Harris team laid out a promising platform that addressed many of the concerns of Latino families.  In the same week, new polls showed  impressive Biden voter support in the majority of  battleground states and in states where Latinos live in sizable numbers. At the convention, Latinos heard three former American presidents endorse Joe Biden.   The endorsement by Barack Obama was especially significant.  His warning that the relelection of Trump could well bring about...

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New Petition Drive Aimed At Getting CPS To Be More Accountable To The Public Through A Charter Change

By DeeDee Belmares In late August, Our Power PAC, a coalition of local progressive groups, launched a petition to force more accountability from CPS Energy. This charter amendment petition campaign, called Recall CPS Energy, aims to dramatically transform the way CPS Energy is operated. CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned gas and electric utility company, but too often it operates like a private business. This is one of the several reasons we’re seeking fundamental change at CPS. Let’s explore all of them. Under the current structure, the CPS Board of Trustees has too much power. Major policy decisions for things like rate setting rest entirely on the board. The trustees have broad, sweeping authority to set rates without allowing customers an opportunity to provide input. While city council must vote on any final rate changes, the board of trustees still maintains control with little oversight.  The charter amendment would eliminate the current board members and replace them with city council members and the mayor. Also, the mayor would be chair of the board. Our Power Pac’s petition also calls for the establishment of an advisory committee consisting of volunteer citizens appointed by the city council that would review and give input on rates and power generation, among other things. The committee would ensure that customers who use the most electricity pay more and vulnerable customers pay less....

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