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By Yvette Tello If someone has  tested positive for the Covid -19 and has been quarantined at home  and has a family, should the other family members be making day trips to local grocery stores? ( It is happening) Shouldn’t there be something in place for the entire family to be quarantined? Let’s talk about it.. #letstalkaboutit Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I think there should be delivery service for people who are quarantined.” Beverly Brooks: “ It makes sense that IF the other family members can stay home, they should. That’s not always the case. Nonetheless, as long as the...

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Announcement for newspaper-Bexar County Economic & Community Development

Residents who are already behind on their power or water bill will be glad to know that CPS Energy and SAWS have announced that there will be no non-payment disconnects until further notice. Your power and water will stay on until we get past this COVID-19 outbreak. You can still request an application for assistance with your CPS Energy bill by emailing or calling 210-335-3666 Thank you again and please let us know if you have any questions. Be safe out there! Esperanza Anaya Assistant to the Division Director Vista Verde Plaza | 233 N. Pecos la Trinidad | Suite...

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Gina Ortiz Jones Tendrá un Ayuntamiento Virtual Sobre COVID-19 con la Dr. Erika Gonzalez-Reyes

PARA FINES DE PLANIFICACIÓN Contacto: Sharon Yang, El miércoles 1 de abril, Gina Ortiz Jones, veterana de la guerra de Irak y nativa de San Antonio, la nominada demócrata en el Distrito 23 del Congreso de Texas, organizará un ayuntamiento virtual con la Dra. Erika Gonzalez-Reyes a las 6:30 PM CT/5:30 PM MT. Discutirán la evolución de la respuesta a la crisis, recursos disponibles para los afectados y responderán a las preguntas de la audiencia. Nativa de San Antonio, la Dra. Gonzalez-Reyes está afiliada a múltiples hospitales en el área. También es Profesora Adjunta de Clínica en Medicina Interna en el Centro de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de Texas en San Antonio. Se graduó de la Universidad de St. Mary y de la rama Médica de la Universidad de Texas en Galveston. Regresó a San Antonio después de completar 10 años de Servicio Activo como Oficial Médico en la Fuerza Aérea de los EE. UU. QUÉ: Ayuntamiento Virtual con Gina Ortiz Jones y la Dra. Erika Gonzalez-Reyes CUÁNDO: Miercoles 1 de abril a las 6:30 CT/5:30 MT DÓNDE: Gina Ortiz Jones se postula para el Distrito 23 del Congreso de Texas, que se extiende desde San Antonio hasta El Paso. Ortiz Jones, una estadounidense de primera generación, se graduó de la preparatoria John Jay en San Antonio, donde obtuvo una beca de ROTC para...

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AA Man With A Plan Man With A Plan

A Poem By Joe Aleman  Dedicated to Cesar Chavez on Cesar Chavez Day in Texas this Tuesday, March 31  Cesar Chavez: To Help His Fellow Man  Migrant Farm Workers: Were the Main Order: Help To Get Them:  Better Living Conditions Better Working Conditions  Better Pay  And Most Important  In a Non-Violent Way  His Adversaries  Were Many  Early On: “The Braceros” Farm Workers  From Mexico  Taking Jobs in the Fields  It was a Touchy Subject  For it Meant  Mexican Americans  Against Mexicans  But He Handled it By  Recording the Amount  Of Applications. 1,900  By Mexican American Farm Workers.  Which Led...

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Servants in Today’s Generation

By Ramon Chapa Jr. MINISTRY: To minister means to attend to the needs of someone! We are not a church, not religious, we are a 501C3 Non Profit serving humanity! To minister means to attend to the needs of someone. So a ministry is helping someone. Christian ministry is helping someone in the name of Jesus. Christian ministries are generally orchestrated by a church, but some Christian individuals take it upon themselves to serve their community in the name of Jesus. GENESIS 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him;...

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