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By Yvette Tello Some people meet that special someone on the first try; some of us are not so lucky. I have seen many of my friends start over after 20 years of marriage. What was your experience? Did the first time around work...

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By Yvette Tello 43% of bullied students report notifying an adult at school about the incident. Students who report higher rates of bullying victimization are more likely to report the bullying. This week a Middle school student...

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By Yvette Tello We all want a better tomorrow for our children. We want them to do better than we did and have more than we have ever had. Some parents think college is the only way they can do accomplish this. What do you want...

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Bilingual Workplace

By Yvette Tello I have a friend who has several bilingual employees who speak Spanish at work among themselves. Most of her workers speak little or no Spanish, and some have complained because they feel uncomfortable when they...

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By Yvette Tello Two women are arguing about what normal is. One says the woman should take care of her husband and children and allow him to earn the money to pay the bills. The other woman says her man stays home and takes care...

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