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Ricky Armendariz

By Dr. Ricardo Romo Ricky Armendariz, art professor at UTSA and a recognized artist of U.S.-Mexico Borderlands images, is known for his exquisite art carvings on wood in addition to woodblock prints.  Ricky Armendariz: Wood...

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Victor Tello

Victor was born in San Antonio, Texas on December 23. He joined the Boy’s Clubs of America and learned to paint on paper plates and later continued painting at home on any paper he could find. After graduating from Lanier High...

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Fabian Lainez

Fabian Lainez is a Span- ish artist and designer. He studied and acquired a de- gree in Art and Design at the Escola Massana in Bar- celona in 1987. In 1988 he moved to London and worked for BENNISON Ltd, in 1993 he went back to...

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Kim Bishop

Kim Bishop holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Art, a Master of Arts in Gifted and Talented Curriculum from Texas State University, and four lifetime Texas Teaching Certifications. Bishop has been an arts educator for...

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Andrei Renteria

Mr. Renteria is a very interesting artists that is doing important art that touches on important issues affecting everyone trying to live peacefully on the border. He would provide a wonderful interview on his art and the...

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