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Job Transition in Peak Pandemic San Antonio

New Perspective on Fast Food Opportunities with Pedro Carrazana – from Hourly to Owner By Yvette Tello What would you do if your teenager came home and told you he decided to pursue a career with McDonald’s? According to Pedro Carrazana, his father had a cow. The family had saved up their entire lives for him to go to college. Pedro began working at age 17 as a crewmember at a Florida McDonald’s, he was just a senior in high school. From there, Pedro worked his way up the ranks of the company. He held a variety of positions...

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Air pollution and COVID-19 in Our Communities

By DeeDee Belmares The effects of COVID-19 and air pollution on Latino communities may seem like different issues but it’s critical to recognize their relation because Latinos are experiencing disproportionate impacts from both. The impacts are significant enough to be characterized as injustices because they are not only happening in San Antonio but across the nation. Air pollution and COVID-19 are harming our health and we can no longer ignore it. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and air pollution in our communities is causing respiratory illnesses like asthma or emphysema. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Latinos have...

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Empowering Youth in our Community Through the YAS Act

The Youth Alliance Support Act (YAS) is the name of a campaign project executed by Master of Social work graduate students in the Specialized Policy Practice and Advocacy course at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  The project is a group effort between graduate students Jose Gallegos, Rita Garcia, Kristina Gomez, Emilia Guzman, Mayra Morales Sosa, and Stephanie Enriquez Shamloo. The YAS Act proposes to provide juvenile offenders community wraparound services to address all aspects of a youth’s life in all efforts to create individualized assessments and interventions for rehabilitation.  The YAS Act would enhance youth’s lives by following the Social Work approach and utilizing the Systems Theory, working in conjunction with the juvenile justice system.  YAS would be able to link and provide resources that will assist in reducing the likelihood of reoffending, homelessness, having mental health and substance abuse issues, and encourage school participation.In addition to positive outcomes, community-based approaches permit a family-focused approach to treatment that targets risk factors within the home, peer associations, and school settings. The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is the entity in charge of our juvenile justice system.  TJJD presently utilizes the “community-based approach,” which consists of intense supervision, referrals to community resources, and electronic monitoring.  At times youth offenders have limited access to services that can assist in rehabilitation.  When they have court-mandated services, there is little to...

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Senator Zaffirini to Host Zoom Meeting “Back to School?: The ABCs of COVID-19 Remote Learning Best Practices for Your Family Discussion At 1pm Today

By Iris Guerrero Do you have questions about how to maintain your children’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you weighing in-person versus remote learning options for your family? Do you need to learn best practices and gain access to helpful resources during these trying times? Please join us for a Zoom meeting titled, Back to School? The ABCs of COVID-19, on Wednesday, July 29, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Our panel comprises the following: Senator Judith Zaffirini, PhD, Moderator Tammy Camp, M.D., Texas Pediatric Society President María Colón-González, M.D., Lead Family Physician, Vera Whole Health Megan Mooney, PhD, President of the...

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Deadline approaching: United Ways seek Spanish-speaking families across Texas to complete important survey to assess economic impact of COVID19

By Joelle Polisky United Ways across Texas and the state organization, United Ways of Texas, are conducting a statewide survey to assess the economic impact the COVID19 crisis has had on Texas families. All Texas families are invited to complete the United Way Texas COVID19 survey by June 24. Individual responses are confidential. The link to the survey in Spanish is here: “Every Texas family has felt the impact of COVID19 and even though much of our state has re-opened, life remains uncertain,” said Adrianna Cuellar Rojas, United Ways of Texas President and CEO. “This survey represents an...

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SAMMinistries Homeless Prevention Program is currently taking requests for rent and utility assistance

SAMMinistries Homeless Prevention Program is currently taking requests for rent and utility assistance (CPS Energy – past due balance). For more information or to submit a request for assistance please visit: Please submit only one application per household as multiple submissions may delay assistance. Items Needed: Valid ID – Head of Household Only Social Security Card – Head of Household Only Active Lease Proof of rent owed (payment ledger, Notice to Pay, Notice to Quit, etc) Proof of financial hardship Copy of most recent CPS Energy...

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Humanitarian Missions are Being Carried Out at San Antonio International Airport

By Brian Pratte The San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is the epicenter of a three-day humanitarian cargo mission. Four international cargo flights from Tel Aviv, Israel, operated by EL AL Airlines, will arrive in San Antonio with medical personal protective equipment (PPE). On Sunday, two B787-9 aircraft arrived in San Antonio, dropped off equipment and returned to Israel. This pattern will be repeated today. Each of the B787-9 aircraft used its main cabin seats to secure the medical supplies on the plane, in addition to cargo holds below. SAT, Customs and Border Protection, El AL Airlines and various other...

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Mural Restoration Sponsorship

With a contribution, you have the opportunity to pay homage to a family member or friend, memorialize a loved one who’s passed or recognize yourself as a supporter of the mural restoration project. This effort is critically important as its part of our mission of maintaining and restoring the artistic and cultural heritage of Westside San Antonio! Learn More:...

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Westside Development Corporation (WDC) teams up with Centro SA and SAGE to launch

  #SmallBizBingoSA to help support local, small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic #SmallBizBingoSA encourages San Antonians to support small local businesses while practicing social distancing    May 12th, 2020 San Antonio, TX – The Westside Development Corporation (WDC), in partnership with Centro San Antonio and San Antonio Growth for the Eastside (SAGE), has launched #SmallBizBingoSA, designed to encourage San Antonians to support locally owned, small businesses that have been among the hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic. “This is a great opportunity for the community to come together in a fun way to support our local small businesses –...

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Restaurant Owners Serve the Community at Haven for Hope

By Yvette Tello Owners/Operators Maria Acosta and Luis Acosta of McDonald’s franchise and their team delivered 300 breakfast meals to Haven for Hope Shelter Staff last week to thank them for their dedication and for being on the front lines during this pandemic. Serving the staff was Maria Acosta, Luis Acosta, President Carlos Rodriguez of Ronald McDonald House, Supervisors and Manager from Blanco, and San Pedro Jesus Terrazas,  Richard Gonzalez, Heather Arriola and Joann Casteneda. Due to Haven for Hope COVID protocol, they required every person entering the campus to have their temperature checked. Any person with a fever,...

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McDonald’s Celebra a los Trabajadores de la Salud y de Primeros Auxilios con “Thank You Meals” Gratis Hasta el 5 de Mayo

Los héroes de primera línea podrán disfrutar de comidas gratis en restaurantes McDonald’s participantes en Estados Unidos En reconocimiento a los trabajadores de salud, a los policías, a los bomberos y a los paramédicos que están comprometidos con nuestra salud y seguridad, McDonald’s ofrecerá comidas gratis – Thank You Meals* – entre el miércoles 22 de abril y el martes 5 de mayo, como un gesto de aprecio por su servicio. Mientras la mayoría del país se queda en casa, McDonald’s ha permanecido abierto. Nuestros franquiciados y diligentes empleados en los restaurantes continúan sirviéndole comida caliente a las comunidades...

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