Dream Week is a 16-day summit of events to foster the exchange of ideas on universal issues in an environment curated for successful civil and civic engagements.  The January, city-wide summit takes place in and around downtown San Antonio. The aim is to invite all to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are presented and nurtured, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail. An idea inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings.

Throughout the summit, participants honor the past, take stock of the present, and present a vision for the future. Since its inception, DreamWeek has gained unprecedented momentum. Since 2013, the summit has grown to include more than 100 partners hosting over 150 events throughout the San Antonio area annually and attracting a global audience of civic-minded individuals. DreamWeek is concurrent with the City’s annual MLK Commemorative March, which has grown to become one of the largest in the country since the first march in 1987. San Antonio celebrates its 300th anniversary in 2018. The San Antonio Tricentennial Celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is being commemorated with a year-long calendar of events, activities and innovative initiatives that will carry San Antonio into the next 300 years.

You can participate with DreamWeek in several ways:

  1. Sponsor: Sponsorship provides for a dynamic array of events that further the progressive exchange of ideas and create unforgettable experiences in downtown San Antonio.
  2. Volunteer: Volunteer for a worthy cause! We welcome the assistance of corporations, organizations and individuals who wish to offer their time and talent in making DreamWeek a success.
  3. Partner: Partner with DreamWeek to develop and host events that celebrate and promote an environment for the civil and civic exchange of ideas. Yes, anyone can host an event as long as the invitation is public and participants are allowed to engage in an open forum and civil environment. Each event application receives final approval by the DreamVoice staff when it meets the criteria stated above.
  4. Donor: Donate your venue/location or provide logistics support, offer a DreamWeek promotion, offer in-kind services (gift certificates, a/v equipment & support, food & beverages, transportation & accommodations, talents (singer/artist), or printing services), or donate a financial contribution
  5. Attendee: Attend DreamWeek events and help unveil the genius in us all.

The majority of DreamWeek events are free and open to the public, however some event hosting partners require an entry fee for fundraising and other purposes. The DreamTeam will specify which events contain a charge on our website, and schedule of events brochure. 

For the complete list of events, please visit http://dreamweek.org/events/

In 2011, DreamVoice, LLC was established as an organization dedicated to realizing this collective aspiration, and in 2013 the first DreamWeek summit was presented with 20 partners and 35 events. DreamVoice supports organizations that exist to better the human condition through the promotion of media assets and resource contributions. Funding for DreamWeek is solicited by DreamVoice through sponsorships, donations and sales of branded merchandise. The DreamVoice Team, a collection of community advocates from all walks of life, consists of dedicated writers, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and designers. The singular commitment is to promote an environment in which issues facing our global community are addressed in a civic and civil manner, while empowering those who seek the understanding and education required for peaceful coexistence.

DreamWeek’s Mission is to celebrate our humanity by creating environments for civil and civic engagement to embrace ideas and dreams for the common good.

Each annual DreamWeek Summit comprises a series of events designed with a singular purpose in mind: to foster the free exchange of ideas on universal issues affecting humanity. The aim is to invite all to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are discussed in a civil manner, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail. Events can take a variety of forms, from symposiums, panel discussions and debates to film screenings, concerts and art exhibits.

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