In its 14th year empowering Latino leaders, Coors Light is proud to announce Richard Montez as its 2020 Líder of the Year. Since 2006, the program has highlighted, honored and rewarded Latinos across the United States who are committed to helping their communities thrive. This national recognition, decided by an online public voting competition, includes a $25,000 grant from Coors Light for Montez to implement a project with his nonprofit, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). Richard is committed to cultivating Hispanic talent and success by developing creative and innovative practices currently implemented by college campuses across the nation through HACU. He is also committed to helping break cycles of poverty.
Among his many other services to his community, he is chairperson of Inner City Development, an organization that serves the most economically marginalized neighborhood in Bexar County, San Antonio, an area where he grew up. For years, Richard has participated in Thanksgiving 365, and along with other Inner City Development volunteers, he fasts until the organization raises its $30,000 goal, which is used to keep the food pantry stocked all year long. Inner City is a nonprofit, community based organization that responds to emergency, educational, and recreational needs of the neighborhood on the near Westside of San Antonio.
“The leader in the room is not always the one at the head of the table or the one with the fancy title. The true leader is the one pursuing an end goal with love, compassion and integrity in their heart. The true leader is the one others follow, because they feel compelled to serve in the same way. Always look to those leaders,” stated Montez.
The Coors Light Líderes Program helps leaders enhance their networks and professional growth. Past Coors Light Líderes of the Year and their nonprofits have used the $25,000 grants on transformative initiatives in a myriad of areas, such as skill training workshops, educational and mentoring resources, entrepreneurship support and helping people with disabilities become financially independent through entrepreneurial activities.