On March 26, 2024, Prosper West San Antonio will host its 3rd Annual State of the Westside Event at the Buena Vista Theater at the UTSA Downtown Campus.

“The State of the Westside is an opportunity to take stock of all the progress being made on the Westside by various organizations including Prosper West, but to also note the immensity of the challenges that still lie ahead. This event serves to rally our community for another year of fighting the good fight”, said Ramiro Gonzales, President and CEO of Prosper West San Antonio.

Each year the event focuses on a particular component of the Westside economic ecosystem. Last year the focus was on Education and Workforce Development. This year the focus is on Housing & Real Estate. In addition to an economic report for the area and key project updates by Prosper West, the event will also feature a presentation by John Ahmann with the Atlanta Westside Futures Fund and a panel discussion that includes John Humphries, Housing Policy Advisor to Mayor Dickens in Atlanta, to discuss a major revitalization and anti-displacement initiative happening there, elements of which could be replicated here in San Antonio’s Westside.

“We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are great initiatives happening around the country that can be adapted to serve the Westside community. We are thrilled to have our friends from Atlanta come and share their work and experiences with us here in San Antonio”, said Henry Cisneros, Former HUD Secretary and current Chairman of the ESTAR West Coalition.

The event starts at 9am on March 26 and tickets are on sale for $25 each from the Prosper West website, www.prosperwestsa.org. Free tickets are available to the community upon request thanks to the generous support from sponsors.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available through March 19th. Contact Melinda Gonzalez at melinda@prosperwestsa.org for more information.

“The Westside faces numerous challenges yet is primed for opportunities due to its vibrant history, community, and enterprising spirit,” said Megan Legacy, Interim Board Chair of Prosper West and CEO of SA Hope Center. “Through partnership and collaboration, we can turn the tide of economic disinvestment and bring prosperity back to this culturally-rich and family-oriented area. Our State of the Westside event is the opportunity to reassess and re energize for the next year of work ahead.”

Prosper West San Antonio is a nonprofit economic development organization and City of San Antonio delegate agency responsible for advancing prosperity on the Westside. The organization has been responsible for fostering economic development, promoting the development and redevelopment of real estate, creating viable urban communities, and preserving the character, culture, and history of San Antonio’s Westside.

For more information on the State of the Westside, please visit www.prosperwestsa.org or call (210) 501- 0192.