Last Saturday at the Carver Community Cultural Center on Hackberry Street they celebrated the “Queen of Soul” for the 50th year! Five young ladies ranging in ages, from the youngest Mahalia at 17, Felicia at 19, Asia at 21, Raeleen Brown and Jada Spruill, both 22.
This year’s winner was Raeleen Brown. During the event the young ladies strutted the stage, in evening gowns for the dress competition while the Mistress of ceremonies gave a history of the contestants.
One segment of the pageant had the ladies perform their talents for the audience that included singing and dancing. In another segment they drew a random question and was asked to address it to the audience. The program is all about poise, talent, and elegance. The goal is to take their training, skills, and education to transform into beautiful, successful careers.
The San Antonio Queen of Soul Inc. is a non-profit, non-political organization and a member of the San Antonio Fiesta Commission. Queen of Soul Inc. is a highly visible organization that provides community representation to take part in Fiesta activities and other civic community programs.
In preparation for the annual pageant, potential contestants are solicited from schools, churches, and other community resources. The purpose is to assist young ladies achieve excellence. Once they are identified they start with a rigid training program that teaches charm, poise, talent enhancement, personal hygiene and self-esteem. The training assists them to be the best they can be towards a successful life.
Having covered a number of events at the Carver Community Cultural Center in the past, I still enjoy the opportunity to do so. This was an awesome event. Last year’s “Queen of Soul” was Malia Martinez. I did cover her many times last year during Fiesta Activities and even talked to her as well. I remember she was very gracious and exhibited lots of class.
In the program Malia wrote about her experience as Queen of Soul. “The Queen of Soul pageant will always hold a very special place in my heart. This pageant has helped me grow as an individual and has helped me gain confidence within myself and everything I chose to do. All of the organization members, volunteers and people I have met throughout this process have given me so much support, kindness and advice I will never forget.”
The Robert Washington Jr. Pioneer Award 2018 recipient went to former Rey Feo IXIX Fernando Reyes and wife Norma. It is the highest honor given by San Antonio Queen of Soul, Inc. It represents the dedication, loyalty and support that assists with the charitable purposes.
A second Robert Washington Jr. Pioneer Award was also presented to Mrs. Gracie Poe for her long support of the organization. She graduated from Edgewood High School. She is an art enthusiast and writes poetry. She was elected Ms. St. Philips in 1960. She consistently donates her art and creations to help with fund raising events.
Th 50th Anniversary event was a huge success with a full house. I am honored I was asked to take photos of the gathering. My buddy and fellow photographer Ali Wallace turned up as well. He covers many of the events that I do. A compadre with a camera!