A Poem By Joe Aleman 

Dedicated to Cesar Chavez on Cesar Chavez Day in Texas this Tuesday, March 31 

Cesar Chavez:

To Help His Fellow Man 

Migrant Farm Workers:

Were the Main Order:

Help To Get Them: 

Better Living Conditions

Better Working Conditions 

Better Pay 

And Most Important 

In a Non-Violent Way 

His Adversaries 

Were Many 

Early On: “The Braceros”

Farm Workers 

From Mexico 

Taking Jobs in the Fields 

It was a Touchy Subject 

For it Meant 

Mexican Americans 

Against Mexicans 

But He Handled it By 

Recording the Amount 

Of Applications. 1,900 

By Mexican American

Farm Workers. 

Which Led to the 

Federal Government 

Getting Involved.

Other Main Adversaries 


The Growers: Which 

Were the Farm Owners.

Also Big Companies 

That Sold the Crops 

On the Market

The Government and 

The Teamsters 

How did Chavez 

Fight Against these Odds? 

By Protests, Strikes 

Fasting and Boycotts. 

As They Say:

At the End of the Day: 

He Accomplished His Plan:

In a Non-Violent Way 

1962: Organized NFWA 

National Farmworkers Association

1972: Changed Named To UFW 

United Farm Workers 

1975: Instrumental in Getting 

1st Bill of Rights For 


His Slogan: 

That is Even Heard Today 


Cesar Chavez: A Leader 

An Advocate, A Legend 

3-31-27 to 4-23-93 

May He Rest In Peace 

In Heaven