Do you ever find yourself getting mad at things that are so trivial? Constantly battling overwhelming thoughts like, “Why is this happening to me” or “This is the worst day ever!” You are not alone. Controlling emotional reactivity to everyday stressors can be tough. Learning to put things into perspective can help alleviate your intrusive thoughts so you can have a better quality of life.
So how do we put things into perspective? First, start by asking yourself how your intense reactions affect you and others involved in your life. Irrational thoughts for example, cause us to become angry and anxious. We respond by projecting these emotions onto others around us resulting in resentment, humiliation, distrust, guilt and shame. Once you put things into perspective, you can change these negative behavior patterns. In stressful situations, we can also become impulsive, causing us not to think before we react. When conflict arises, stop, observe and don’t judge. Our interpretations are not always right! There is fact, and there are our assumptions. Tune into your emotions. Is the situation worth putting your energy into?
Throughout our lives, we all are going to experience upsetting and unexpected events. During these times we must remind ourselves, “It is not the end of the world!” With this mindset, you will quickly learn that your life is unchanged, and you can move on from this setback. It would be awesome if everything went as planned. Unfortunately, our world is not constructed that way. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or playing the victim role, consider these minor inconveniences as opportunities for learning!
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