Self-Awareness is having a well-defined understanding of your personality, thoughts, values, strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs. What motivates you? What is your purpose in life? Achieving self-awareness allows you to better communicate and understand others. Do you live your life based on the opinions of others? If so, you are not alone. Many people live their lives based on what others think. They avoid pursuing their dreams because they fear failure and humiliation.
My goal for clients in session is to increase their state of awareness. I stress the importance of mindfulness and being present. What is going on inside and around you? I want my clients to slow down and focus on the details of their thought process. Our thoughts control our moods which leads to our actions and choices. With practice, we can learn to take control of our thoughts and emotions in a positive way. Self-awareness creates the freedom to make changes in our behavior patterns which strongly affects our relationships and quality of life.
What is your story? Are you living the life you want? When self-awareness is achieved, new opportunities will emerge. The outcome of your life is determined on your thoughts, your choices and your perceptions. Focus your attention and energy on things or people that make you a better person. Be authentic and asses your self-talk. Talk to yourself like to talk to people you love! Don’t take things personal. Be a good listener and have empathy. Remember, we are all experiencing some level of stress. Lastly, learn to self-accept. Show appreciation and gratitude to others. Give yourself credit!
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