By Steve Walker

Welcome to issue #4 of the “Ain’t done yet” series. Having previously given the reader some information about how it works here atMadison Estates on Fredericksburg Road, we continue our journey.

Let’s expand on other activities that make Madison Estates independent retirement living, a reality for those of us who have reached the cutoff age of 55 with no cutoff at the high end. Considering we have one precious senior who we look forward to celebrating her 102 birthday in February! She is clear headed, articulate, totally aware of her surroundings, and just a really pleasant person to be around. We also have three 99-year old ladies who are close to being inducted into the Hundred Club. If I can make it, I will turn 100 September 5th, 2046! What are the odds?

This past week I was tasked to take head shots of our cadre of Madison Heights Ambassadors who have the mission to help all residents feel at home, and welcome.  They are to assist the new residents in understanding the schedule and activities and answer questions they may have. They promote a positive and helpful attitude to make living pleasant for all. My wife Linda is an Ambassador and she loves it.

I have said in a previous column, every day is a new adventure and I feel rejuvenated. Yesterday with all that is going on here atMadison Estates we hosted a male fashion show in the building with male residents walking a makeshift runway including me. We did it to support men’s health. Besides taking photos of the event, I walked the runway as well!

Our recent celebration of ghosts and goblins was also awesome. Residents decorated their doors, the hallways and dressed up in costumes yelling, “trick or treat.” Can you say “scary”? Face painting was a big hit for Diaz De Los Muertos.

As I shared already, every month a schedule is printed and distributed to the residents of upcoming events. This past week we witnessed a performance by the “Jolly Jubilee Jammers.” They caught the attention of the excited crowd, as they serenaded us with song, especially the tribute to our military and country.  Our monthly Birthday celebration in the dining hall with live music was also exciting.

Today we celebrated Veteran’s Weekend Popcorn & Trivia in our Fireplace Lounge on the third floor. With so many veterans living here, no matter what table you sit in the dining hall, there will be at least one veteran sitting next to you. That is when the conversation turns to military war stories.

In the Fire Place Lounge wall, photos of veterans from 2nd World War, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Desert Storm adorn the wall. I served in Viet Nam, Germany, and Desert Storm. My photo of serving in Desert Storm at the Pentagon is going up soon.

As more people of age continue to move in Madison Estates, I will encourage them share their stories of days gone by with all of us. You never know what experience they may have to tell, good or bad.With the wealth of retired teachers like me, male and female veterans of all services, like me, doctors, nurses and many business people we are truly blessed.

By the way, don’t forget, moving to Madison Estates is a positive decision because we“ain’t done yet!”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Journalist and Justice of the Peace