By Steve Walker
Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Justice of the Peace and Journalist

Like I told you in last week’s column part 1, I am now continuing to focus on my new column about Madi- son Estates where I currently live. At some point down the road I will revert to my writ- ing “Just a Thought.” For now “Ain’t done yet” is my focus. I mentioned last week that my new home was a beauti- ful compound with 5 floors and numerous amenities. In reality that is an understate- ment. When I walk down the various hallways it takes me a considerable time to do so because the artwork is awe- some and I want to take it all

This past week Madison Estates celebrated October Fest. Boy was it fun. A full blown music extravaganza with blaring instruments and audience participation com- plete with dancing! The group that played was a smaller con- tingent of the group Boerne Village Hall.

Every month a schedule is printed and distributed to the residents of upcoming events. The events range from 6-9 each day and residents are encouraged to participate in as many as they can. This past Sunday I ate lots of strawberry ice cream including one refill!

Here are some ex-amples of the current events. (20th) Church Service, Trivia, Pen- ny Pokeno, Ice Cream social, Krazy Kool Karaoke, Rummikub. (21st) Bible Study, Manic Monday, mi- mosas, Loteria Bingo. Jewish Living,Tai Chi Class, Dealers choice, 22nd Marie’s Jew- elry, Blood Pressure, Christian Services, Jukebox with Dave, Tuesday Night Bing. (23rd) Chair Yoga, Raffle Wednesday, Happy Hour, Bible Study, Chewy the Therapy Dog, Poker, Live Music.

There is also 15 different locations within the compound, Bingo room, Card room, Cha- pel Computer room, Dining room, Dining room patio, Fireplace room, Fitness room, Greenhouse, Library, Pool side, Private Dining room, San Juan room, Shuttle Bus, TV room.

In checking to see how many residents over 90 live here, I was able to count over 20 who fit the bill. I will continue to keep looking knowing that we do have at least three residents who are 99!! Also we have a number of veterans as well from all branches to include women.
On a personal note I men- tioned last week that my wife Linda would participate in a chili cook off. Next week I will let you know since it hap- pened this past week. Hint: she is a great cook.

We also have a wonder- ful staff as well. Our Gen- eral Manager Craig Morrison oversees Assistant General Manager, Kelly Richard, Office Manager Sandy Lau- ber, Residence Coordinators, Joy Bonebrake & Courtney Lozano, Charlene McCain, Executive Chef Gabriel Ro- driguez, Sales Leader Josie Moya, Sous Chef, Benja- man Grumbly, Maintenance George Ortiz, and Bus driver Lee Bixler.

I will leave you with one thought. There will be a full blown celebration on the 31st at Madison Estates replete with costumes, music and an assortment of activities. You are invited to participate!

By the way, don’t forget, moving to Madison Estates is a positive decision because we “ain’t done yet!”