By Steve Walker

Welcome to #3 of Ain’t done yet,” Series. Having given the reader a taste of what transpires at the Madison Estates on Fredericksburg Road, we will look at a different perspective of senior living as we know it. I am still trying to get my head around it. So those who make a commitment to live with other seniors are making a major commitment not taken likely. We are dealing with people from 55-101 and counting!

One of our esteemed residents will celebrate her 102 birthday in February! She is clear headed, articulate, totally aware of her surroundings, and just a really pleasant person to be around. Who knew? Another resident Corell has lived here for 19 years and is 96 years old. She tells me a lot has changed since she moved in. She has lots of stories. She says, “It is getting better and better.” Another woman casually mentioned she came here 14 years ago, If I make it 20 years, I will be 93, seven years shy of 100!!

Being given the chance to document those many people who are experiencing their new home and new life like me is exciting. Every day is a new adventure and I feel rejuvenated. What will it be like when I turn 100 years old, 27 years from now? Someone reminded that should I actually make it to be one hundred years of age, the majority of them will have passed on! I am reconsidering amending my words.

With all that is going on here, it is hard to keep up. I learned just today that November 9th we will have a male fashion show in the building with male residents walking a makeshift runway in tuxedos to support men’s health. Besides taking photos of the event, I have been asked if I wanted to walk the runway as well! Since I have a tuxedo I do believe I will do so.  I can hardly wait.

Like I mentioned earlier they held a chili cook-off with 14 participants to include my wife, Linda.  Seven winners were announced and Linda was one of the winners. Police and firefighters came in and judged the cook-off. When Linda arrived home all of her chili was gone!  Nothing left for me.The other winners were Ben Crumbley, Sarah Vidalez, Joy Bonebrake, Alma Calanche, Les Carter, and Seth Swearengin.

Our beautiful compound with 5 floors flush with balconies continues to amaze those who visit. I walk my dog Mijo Rico all around the compound every day where he meets other resident’s walking their pets as well. He has made friends with other dogs and fellow neighbors.

Like I shared already, every month a schedule is printed and distributed to the residents of upcoming events. Obviously the one that sticks withme is the Sunday ice cream social. Yummy, I love ice cream. They have chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and they will give you 3 scoops if you ask.

As more people of age continue to move in, I find myself surrounded by people who have had exciting lives like me that we can share and recall our days of “young and old.”  We have retired teachers, male and female veterans of all services, doctors, nurses and many business people. We have it all. Can you say, “happy?”

By the way, don’t forget, moving to Madison Estates is a positive decision because we“ain’t done yet!”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Journalist and Justice of the Peace