By Leonard Rodriguez
This column highlights inspiring stories of Latino leaders. For more than 500 years, Latino men and women have positively influenced the face of United States society. Let us celebrate these outstanding hispanics.

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Anthony Quinn

At age 5, Anthony Quinn and his parents immigrated from Mexico to Texas to escape the Mexican Revolution of 1910.  Initially, the Quinn’s were migrant workers but eventually settled in Los Angeles barrio.

At age 21, Quinn began his stage career and appeared in numerous films before reaching stardom in 1952 with his Academy award-winning role as Zapata’s Brother in “Viva Zapata!” In 1956, Quinn not only earned his second Academy Award for “ Lust For Life,” but emerged as an international star for his performance in the Italian movie “La Strada.”  For the next decade, he recieved star billing for “The Guns of Navarone,”  “Barrabas” and “Lawrence of Arabia.” A Hollywood Superstar, he has appeared in 100 films and will go down in history as a legend.