Author: Dr. Ricardo Romo

Pandemic Threatens Latino Student Achievement

By Dr. Ricardo Romo Schooling during the pandemic lockdown is not going well for many Latino students. Truthfully, the majority rather be in the classroom than at home. According to the New York Times, more than  50 million children in the United States will be shut out of school for this Spring semester and for the foreseeable coming months in 2020. Texas Latino children are especially at risk of losing out in the learning curve because many of their parents work in essential jobs  and thus they  have less time to spend as “teachers” in homeschooling. Latinos are 65...

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Latina Mothers Hold the Family Together

Posted By Dr. Ricardo Romo This year Latinos are celebrating Mothers’  Day in highly troubling times. The Covid-19 Pandemic is one of the greatest American health and economic crises of the last 100 years.  The nation’s death total  exceeds 70,000 and unemployment levels are nearly equal to those  of the Great Depression era. For mothers who work, being on the job, in addition to homeschooling responsibilities and  constant child care demands, has placed unprecedented physical and mental burdens on them. While many Americans are suffering from job losses, many Latina mothers  continue to supply our nation’s homes with food,...

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A Latina Who Saved Jobs

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the world economy,  but  the service industries, food production and sales, as well as hotel businesses that traditionally employ Latinos in significant numbers have been especially hard hit.   Blanca Romo Garcia, whose company dates back to the Great Depression era, has been working hard to be sure their employees will not be in the unemployed lines anytime soon. Romo Garcia’s family has owned and operated the Porter Poultry Egg  business since 1936.  With the closure of restaurants and family-owned Mexican bakeries across the city of San Antonio, Porter faced a financial dilemma.   Seeing the...

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Latinos Also Inspired by Dr. King’s Dream

By Dr. Ricardo Romo Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke before 250,000 demonstrators for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August of 1963, the largest protest event in American history. He awakened the nation to its constitutional obligations of fairness and justice for all. While his legacy is secure, there is less known about King’s indirect contribution to a rise in Latino awareness of injustices, discrimination, and violence against minorities of color. Here is a part of the Latino historical and legal link to King’s American dream. During King’s generation, Texas, and all the Southern States, successfully...

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Latinos Can Find Benefits From Art and Music

By Dr. Ricardo Romo Latinos benefit by engaging in the arts, and not just for the obvious reasons of enjoying beauty and creativity. In many Latino communities we too often celebrate the arts and music largely as spectators in seasonal social activity such as Fiesta, Dia de los Muertos [Day of the Dead], or a Mariachi serenade for a birthday event. It turns out, this is not enough if we desire a longer and happier life. A recent scientific study has found that museums and music concerts are actually good for our very survival. In a January New York...

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