Author: Rosie Speedlin-Gonzalez

Texas HB 3529 Signed into Law

Co authored by Senator Jose Menendez and State Representative Gutierrez, Texas HB 3529 was signed into law today. This innovative and forward looking legislation was developed together with Bexar County Judge Rosie Gonzalez and Stacy Lynn to establish a family violence pretrial pilot diversion program in Bexar County. The program would involve assessments to analyze the needs of participants; a comprehensive substance abuse disorder and chemical dependency treatment program; a procedure to rapidly respond to participants who fail to comply with program requirements; and the use of a video teleconferencing system in court to facilitate cooperation of witnesses and...

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World’s Finest

I can smell those white, cardboard boxes filled with chocolate & almond bars now. It’s a scent like no other. The white box with cut out carrying handles was also like no other. The prizes for the students who sold the most candy bars were like no other: 1st place was a brand new banana seat bike with tassels on the handlebars, there was basketballs, footballs, earphones and last place was always a nifty, battery-operated, handheld radio. About a month before the crates of boxes of candy bars arrived, we would be given these glossy order forms to get...

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Memories of Our Mothers

As I walked into the Guadalupe Theater, I was greeted by Michelle, a local media and PR entrepreneur, who was excited to tell me about her latest marketing venture. I then proceeded, aprisa . . . because I was running late, into the theater area that was filled with the intense energy of women, mujeres everywhere, talking, laughing, catching up, comadres chismiando, selfies being taken . . . as I hurried to the one of the front tables where I had been given guest seating by the Westside Chamber of Commerce, I quickly exchanged greetings with Mary Alice, Zan,...

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Fall 1983 (Part 2)

…I told her everything. My mother, in all her cultural wisdom, told me not repeat what I had learned to anyone. I was heartbroken because I was being told, “We cannot help her.” I get emotional and angry now as a write this and even 35 years later, My Mom went on to explain that her parents were people of money and means (a doctor and a nurse) and that they could and would take care of the issue their way. I felt helpless. I felt anguish. Imagine how I felt when I learned of why my friend had...

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Fall 1983 (Part 1)

This past weekend my attention was once again brought back to 1983. I read that the US Supreme Court nominee graduated from high school, a well-heeled prep school, in 1983. When images of him out of his high school yearbook appeared along with photos of him at the beach, and in a group photo with friends, the same images shot up for me . . . high school year book, photos from time spent at the beach with friends and so many group photos with friends at school or at parties, times that for me are some of the...

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