Many factors contribute to permanent change in a person. Whether it’s someone’s personal or business life, a person must be resilient. Resilience projects one’s ability to embrace challenges, overcome adversity and continue the path of achieving goals. Resilience is beyond coping; it requires a person to not become overwhelmed when confronted by a crisis or problematic situation. A resilient person can better manage life’s stressors and become adaptable in uncertain circumstances. This is crucial for individuals dealing with depression or anxiety. Are you a resilient person? Some characteristics of a person who is resilient includes; the ability to form and keep strong relationships; someone who is self-aware, uses positive self-talk and is self-motivated; a person with has strong communication and problem-solving skills, and most important, a person who can understand and control their emotions.
Resilience at work is just as important. Every successful long-term career comes with obstacles that can be stressful. We all want job satisfaction but unfortunately not everyone will achieve it. Therefore, resiliency in the workplace is imperative. Resilience at work requires you to remain focused and in control of your ego. Having a good work ethic will help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Emotion should not be the driving force behind actions. Instead, maintain composure when making rational decisions. We strongly recommend to our clients the need of a healthy balance between personal and work life. Taking a break from work to spend time with your loved ones is encouraged. Be positive and understand you have full control of your thoughts and actions. Positive self-talk and daily affirmations can change your mood and perspective on life. Learn to relax and stay calm by identifying your triggers and removing yourself from stressful situations or toxic individuals.
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