By: Michelle Idar
There are many reasons why people choose not to donate. Some may question the value of their dollar. “Will my dollar really make a difference” or “Is my dollar really going towards a worthy cause?” We all work hard to earn our money and it’s frustrating to think that when we donate, it could potentially be going into the pockets of the organization instead of going towards the actual mission. I, for one, have had those thoughts. Let’s face it, who hasn’t? You must believe that every dollar given is a chance to help a nonprofit fulfill its mission, by helping others in need. Rather that mission involves saving a child’s life through research or providing food for the less fortunate, your contribution, can make a HUGE difference!
Benefits of Donating means helping others who have experienced trauma or hardships beyond their control. If you can’t make a monetary donation, help by volunteering your time. Donating or giving your time imparts a sense of responsibility to help however it is needed. Donating your time also gives you a sense of purpose and encourages others to follow in your footsteps. If you are a parent, your child will see your efforts! He or she will learn how to be compassionate and get involved with helping others within their community. Kindness spreads and every little bit helps! There are many local nonprofits who need items such as; food, clothing, personal hygiene, or diapers, just to name a few.
Would you like to be active and have fun while donating towards a worthy cause? Join Any Baby Can of San Antonio, on April 20, 2019, for their 15th Annual Walk for Autism and Superhero 5K. For more information on the services provided by TCP Marriage & Family Services, please call our office at: (210) 516-2607 or visit our website at: