Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert (Pct. 4) honored the heroic sacrifice of one of the greatest generation Sergeant First Class Gerald Mullin this week, a distinguished World War II platoon commander who turned 100 this year. The veteran and esteemed member of the community. This special recognition underscores the profound respect and gratitude Bexar County holds for Sergeant Mullin’s exemplary service and lifelong commitment to his country and community.

Sergeant First Class Gerald Mullin, who enlisted in the Army in 1942, served as platoon commander in the Red Ball Express, an all-Black transportation unit that played a crucial role in supplying the frontlines during World War II. Despite facing heavy combat action in France and Germany, Sergeant Mullin’s leadership contributed significantly to the Allies’ efforts to defeat Nazi Germany. His bravery during the Battle of the Bulge, the largest and bloodiest single battle fought by the United States in World War II, exemplifies his extraordinary and understated heroism.

Throughout his 24 years of honorable service, Sergeant Mullin received numerous decorations, including the African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with Two Bronze Stars, the Good Conduct Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, and the Army Commendation Medal, among others. He is currently expected to receive the nation of France’s highest honor, the Legion of Honor, which Commissioner Calvert has forwarded to the French government for review.

Mullin was a go-to community leader after retiring from the military, through his work in private business and with the Gunn Auto Group, and his service to his community as a treasurer of the Neighborhoods First Alliance, leader of the Harvard Place/Eastlawn Neighborhood Association, leader in the American Legion and leader in various veteran and civic organizations.

As one of the last surviving veterans of World War II, Sergeant Mullin’s contributions extend beyond the battlefield. His dedication to his community and country embodies the spirit of the greatest generation. The proclamation honoring Sergeant First Class Gerald Mullin’s 100th birthday not only celebrates a milestone in his remarkable life but also serves as a tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve our nation with honor.

Mr. Mullin still drives himself at 100 years old and eats every day at Golden Corral, which recently gave him free meals for life and a plaque on their door in his honor.

The Bexar County Commissioners Court will officially recognize Sergeant Mullin’s sacrifices in World War II for freedom and democracy worldwide with this proclamation to be signed and sealed on the 9th day of April 2024. Commissioner Tommy Calvert expresses his deepest appreciation, stating, “I have known Mr. Mullin for 35 years and he never talked about being on the front lines of supplying our troops with food, fuel, and bullets and the tremendous pain of carrying the dead or freeing and transporting those in concentration camps. His humility and his lifelong record of giving back is why America is the greatest nation on earth. We owe our freedom and democracy to him, and we owe it to him to fight threats to democracy and our freedom at every turn. I hope all of San Antonio joins me in celebrating Mr. Mullin’s 100th birthday and acknowledges his invaluable contributions to our nation and the world.”