Students in Mr. Michael Ramirez Practicum of Print and Imaging Class were assigned to design a logo for shirts in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. All of the designs were submitted to the administrators to pick a design for the shirts they would sell.
Juniors Nylea Lara and Dylan Flores were surprised when their designs were chosen. They have both been in the Brackenridge MFI (Media Film Institute) program for three years. They were asked about how they came up with the design and Nylea said she had to think about what others would like and not just what she likes. Dylan echoed that sentiment and said he submitted several images before the final one was chosen. This was an individual project so each student had to do their own research.
This is the second year Mr. Ramirez has hosted this project. Students create designs, judges select the winning design, students take orders, make the shirts, and help distribute them. The production takes place in a short two-week time frame which makes like look chaotic in the print shop.
Several school organizations ordered shirts for the entire group with personalization for their group such as the Cheerleaders and Pep Squad.
When asked how they felt when they found out their design had been picked, Nylea said she felt good knowing that she was helping other people. For Dylan, winning was a new experience. He was proud of himself because he had never made anything like this before and was not used to winning. Both students said this is the first time they had been recognized for their work.