Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Artist. Actress. Activist. Born and raised in San Antonio, the Mera Mera Chingona, Brizzo Torres who lives in New York is passionate about giving back to the community and spreading the knowledge of arts education.
Torres was “working at a school, serving awesome kids, inspiring young minds through the power of music” when pandemic hit. Throughout the time of pandemic, she was able to find the time to create a safe space where youth can flourish in the arts. Thus, The Good Good Collective, a Non-Profit which provides “Art Programs for our Latinx youth to nurture creativity and benefit mental wellness. was born. The organization serves NYC, S.A. and Tulum, Mexico.
“You have that time to really hold yourself accountable, see where you are in life and try to do better., not only for yourself, but also for the community. And that’s why I was really excited to get The Good Good Collective going,” Torres states.
“Why not get some arts education for the Latinx community.” Torres, who has spent many years curating shows is planning an event here in San Anto July 25, 2021 which is a Roller Disco Glam Charity party and will feature a pop-up glam room, skaters entertaining the audience, a skating contest, and a best dressed contest, all at Roller K which offers a stellar 70s vibe. This event will benefit The Good Good Collective’s mission “which is to provide arts education to the low-income Latinx community.”
Torres’ tenacity for the arts is inspiring, as she herself has been able to grow her own craft with her new single “Chingona” which came out a couple months ago on Spotify and her upcoming role in Panza Monologues coming up in August at Teatro Audaz.
“Especially when it comes to our community…of keeping the culture alive, I want those opportunities for my nieces, my nephews, and for all the kids. I want them to be able to see themselves in every single role. That’s why arts education is so important…it’s really about building that self-confidence to go out there in the world and put some good in it, and build strong leaders.”
The more our juventud see themselves in the world, whether it be the arts, literature, media, etc…the more likely they are to succeed.

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