Journalist In the Making is for those interested in a career in local journalism. Through this La Prensa Texas program, you will learn the ins-and-out of the journalism industry from the first and oldest bilingual publication in the State of Texas, gain experience in print and digital journalism, and leverage our extensive community network to build a professional portfolio.
Community members can apply at this link: . Interviews have already begun and will continue throughout the month. The program will not offer any stipends, but participants can earn up to 20 percent commission of any advertisements they sell. Possible part-time employment may be available to community members who display outstanding production in the program.
Participants will be working with all journalism mediums including video, web, print, podcasting and photojournalism. Prominent local platforms, The Carpenters Apprentice, Norteno 210, Varrios with Values, Radioactive Podcast and Que Southside will provide support for participants by bringing them into their process and showcasing best practices for media delivery.
The program will begin this month and conclude in September, offering 10-15 hours a week of extremely flexible hours for participants. The program is project based and will require participants to go out in the community and collect stories. Support and supervision will be administered at the La Prensa Texas community office, located at the Maestro Entrepreneur Center in centro San Antonio.
Skills to learn
– Create articles for La Prensa
– Host interviews with local businesses/interesting stories
– Editing interviews to be published on all platforms
– Software skills for video editing
– Donor outreach for La Prensa
– Learn to create your own brand
– Scheduling interviews
– Hosting interviews and writing articles
– Recruiting donors for La Prensa
– Help all partners with interviews
– Maintaining a clean office
Required Skills:
– Social Media skills (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube)
– Microsoft/Google suite
– Basic data management of interviews
– Desire to write articulate articles for La Prensa newspaper
– 20% of all Advertisement sales you make
– Potential part-time employment
– HUGE network of connections

Day-to-Day operations will include learning about the culture and history of La Prensa Texas, observing interviews, introduction to filming, learn how to edit interviews with our editor, learn how/where to post them, research businesses, learn how to administer sponsorships, learn about the board of directors for the nonprofit organization LPT, meet editorial team for the newspaper and publish an article in print.