Commissioner Tommy Calvert, had a ground breaking of Sante 51, a Bexar County Satellite Office Building that will make county services closer to the booming population in northeast Bexar County. Mayor Al Suarez of Converse was also present as well as immediate past Justice of the Peace Rogelio Lopez along with the building’s designers and engineers—Vickery & Associates and Huitt-Zollars. This is the second building after a Sheriff’s Substation was built to improve response times.
Commissioner Calvert led the Court in allocating $16,909,800 for the Precinct 4 Satellite Building project. The County also allocated $4,450,000 for new road infrastructure at Rocket Lane. The groundbreaking is part of a 51 acres real estate master plan that includes hotels, restaurants, retail, office, commercial, and park space.
Commissioner Calvert chaired the effort to save Randolph Air Force Base from closure and the development is consistent with regulations set forth in the Randolph Joint Land Use Study.