Carol Mayfield is doing something for herself that she put off for a long time: She’s back in class and working toward her business major with an emphasis in Human Resources. It’s fitting that she’ll continue climbing the ladder of success at Northeast ISD, where she has worked for the past 17 years.
Mayfield is a mother of three who focused on putting her children through college first, always hoping that one day she would have the opportunity to go back to school. Now, she’s doing just that with the help of San Antonio Ready to Work and Texas A&M San Antonio.
“I’ve been wanting to back to school and finish my degree,” Mayfield said. “One of my HR directors presented it to me and said, ‘Take a look, I think this might be for you!’ It has been a life-long dream for me to finish my degree. This just seemed like it walked up, perfect timing. I was ready, it came in and it’s making my dream come true.”
Mayfield started the program with some existing college credits and brings her life experiences and perspective to her studies and apply it to her education. She says Ready to Work is making a huge difference in her life.
“I was a little intimidated, going ‘Can I do this?’ I knew I wanted to,” she said. “The more I get involved, the more it’s like, I crave it and want more and I’m excited about learning. That makes it more enjoyable and it’s a challenge. I’m enjoying every moment, proving to myself that I can still do this.”
She admits that technology is a lot different now than it used to be when she first started college in the early 1980s. From registration to online classes, Mayfield says navigating the process presented some challenges, however, Ready to Work’s career coaches helped her walk through it with ease.
“I love being able to spread the word and tell people that there is help,” she says. “Everybody’s wonderful along the way and they’ve been helpful, and I like to think that I’m going to be a product of that one day. I hope to be able to continue to spread the word about it.”
One piece of advice Mayfield has for anyone who wants to start their own journey through Ready to Work: Take it one step at a time. Plus, it’s never too late: Qualified residents of any age over 18 can take advantage of the program.
“You just really have to advocate for yourself, too,” she says. “You have to go in and really look at what you need to do: Make those phone calls, find out, keep asking questions, that’s what I’ve had to do. No matter what. keep on it and don’t give up.”
It’s easy to get started. Call 3-1-1 or visit for more information.