Interview by Clint Westwood
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Central Electric Ent. & Co., a family owned company, has been impacting our San Anto communities in ways you may not even know. The Martinez family, owners and operators of the Westside business, are truly passionate about carrying on their family tradition in their work, and it shows. For the past eight years, this 2nd generation family-owned company has been serving and giving back to our gente through their intern fellowships and career opportunities for young adults where high school Juniors and Seniors can learn the trade, receive credit for the program, receive payment, and possible future employment.
Some of the high schools which participate in the program include Lanier, Warren, Holmes, and South San. Juniors and Seniors can speak with their counselors regarding the internship. Students go to school part-time and work part-time, and they are paid for their work which all qualifies as school credit. Upon completion of the program, and once the student graduates, the family-owned company can then hire the participants, offering a career opportunity in the electrical field.
Students gain real world experience through this innovative program and exposure for the future job world such as:
Soft skills in the workforce
Time management
Teamwork and collaboration
Not only is this a worthwhile investment in our youth, but in the community as well.
“We’re here to break the myth that construction is not a good career path. It actually is. The average construction personnel is probably right over $50,000 a year,” states Chris Martinez, President of Central Electric who went to St. Mary’s to be a lawyer, but instead picked up the family mantle as an electrician and continues to build upon what his familia has created.
“For business owners, potential students, and for the families, it’s a great opportunity. The average age of an electrician is only getting older. The pay is getting better, and it’s getting more technologically advanced. So, the opportunities are there,” Martinez comments.
Aqui, en San Antonio, we understand that building and uplifting our gente is an integral component in improving our communities. Aqui, en San Antonio y Central Electric Ent. & Co., Comunidad es Unidad.

To Learn More:
Address: 2320 Southwest 36th Street
San Antonio, TX 78237
Phone: (210) 433-9999