Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros and business partner Victor Miramontes announce an important reinvestment in the Westside with the relocation of their investment firm, Cisneros-Miramontes, to the iconic Munguia Building at 2201 Buena Vista Street.
The Munguia Building is a 7,472 square foot complex which is part of the redevelopment of a city block which also includes the purchase and renovation of the adjacent 5,404 square foot Wascher Clinic.
The Munguia property holds personal significance for the firm as much as it does cultural relevance, with the building formerly owned by Munguia Printers, one of the city’s largest print shops and founded by Cisneros’ maternal grandfather Romulo Munguia. When the family-owned business closed in 2015, Cisneros acquired the building and committed to renovating it as a spur to development of the Commerce-Buena Vista corridor, linking downtown to the city’s traditional Westside.
The Munguia Building renovation is now complete and finish-out of the interior offices will be completed in the next 60 days. Cisneros-Miramontes plans to make the move from their present location at 454 Soledad Street by the end of the year. The firm has officed at the Soledad Street location since 2000 and has owned the building since 2015. The building, which is a little more than 20,000 square-feet, has now been sold to Real Holdings, LLC.
The Munguia complex will include the two-story print shop building, to be called The Shop, which will house Cisneros-Miramontes on the first level and a research library on the second level. The library, to be named The George and Elvira Cisneros Research Library, will be home to several nonprofit education and research organizations including the Shirane Foundation, which focuses on enhancing San Antonio’s relationship with Japan and taking Bexar County high school honor students on study trips to Japan.
The renovation of the former Wascher Clinic on the remainder of the city block will be leased to a number of business operations affiliated with Cisneros-Miramontes, including the San Antonio offices of American Triple I and Siebert Williams Shank. The Cisneros-Miramontes decision to relocate to the near Westside is intended to contribute to stronger development on Commerce and Buena Vista streets, the principal entryways to the traditional Westside.