Photo Essay Excerpt by Patrick Albright

We followed seven recruits as they traveled the path from. This is Pvt. Salazar’s story. Read the complete story at

Salazar attempts to “zero” the M4 carbine rifle using the backup iron sights. During Week 2, the trainees begin to fire rifles with live ammunition. Up to this point, weapons training has focused on breathing and trigger squeezing through digital simulation classes. The standard is to zero an M4 with the backup iron sight. Zeroing a firearm is adjusting the sights so the bullet hits where aimed.

After 20 weeks of one station unit training, Pvt. Roxanne Salazar, along with the men and women of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment, graduate. They are now officially 19 kilos or U.S. Army Tankers. They will now join armored divisions around the world.
“I was nervous on the first day. Now I feel like I can do anything.”