TCP Marriage & Family Services is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides individuals and families with fundamental skills and resources needed to attain a better quality of life. Our organization supports Texas residents in need through in-kind and monetary donations, counseling, community resources and training, as well as educational workshops covering topics such as: Mental Health Misconceptions, Early Childhood Intervention, Benefit Assistance, Planning for Retirement, Saving for College, Student Federal Aid, Student Loan Repayment, Buying Your 1st Home, Making Home Affordable Program, Affordable Healthcare Act, and Credit Repair.
We provide aid to fellow Texas 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations by volunteering our services as well as through in-kind and monetary donations to help fulfill their mission needs. The network of charitable organizations to whom we donate to provide aid to people in need including: children, at-risk youth, the homeless, the elderly, battered women, the illiterate, the unemployed or underemployed, victims of domestic abuse, disaster survivors, and others experiencing stressors in their lives. We also provide donations directly to Texas residents who have experienced disasters (fires, hurricanes, etc.) emergency situations (death of parent, domestic abuse victims, etc.) or financial hardships (short term assistance due to loss of job, divorce, etc.)
The services our organization provides, combined with our commitment and genuine aspiration to help those in need, have allowed us to help empower people to achieve a greater quality of life. TCP Marriage & Family Services is pleased to announce that we have collaborated with Westside Development Corporation and La Prensa Texas to open our 4th office located at 630 SW 41st Street in San Antonio, Texas. With the support of these two amazing organizations, we will have a greater capability to meet the needs of the residents of Westside Bexar County, giving hope to a community built on kindness, respectfulness, and understanding. For more information on the services provided by TCP Marriage & Family Services, please call our office at: (210) 516-2607 or visit our website at: