La Prensa Texas has jumped on board with the Comfort Cafe, Serenity Star, and the honorable Judge Rosie Gonzalez for their generous toy drive for Rosie’s Gracious Hearts.
Rosie’s Gracious Heart is a dream that came to mind in November of 2016 after the tragic passing of Rosie. She had worked with children with special needs for over 30 years for the Northside Independent School District. Rosie had a servant’s heart, always giving of her time, loving life, showed compassion to the children she worked with as well as others. She loved life, her heart continues to live on through the blessings that are shared with others through this organization. We may have lost her physically here with us, but her memory and legacy will live on with Rosie’s Gracious Heart. The mission of Rosie’s Gracious Heart is to provide support and services to individuals with special needs and seniors through programs and community resources
SerenityStar, a partner of the Comfort Cafe, provides a safe, sober environment for families to recover from their addictions.They are a peer-to-peer program of recovery. SerenityStar grew out of the need for sustainable recovery. Many in this program spent a lifetime getting clean and then losing it. They began to look at what did not work for them and then filled the holes in their program, giving birth to SerenityStar Recovery. This is not a treatment center. This is a group of recovering addicts and alcoholics who are working a 12-step program alongside alternative healing methods and have been called into purpose. As a result, they are open to offering their experience, strength and hope to the next addict in want. Again, this is a spiritual (not religious) program. The six-month to one-year program is not so much chemical dependency treatment as it is a community of addicts devoted to finding our personal path and discovering our purpose in recovery. In such a community they are able to practice on a daily basis the skills and develop the relationships we need for sustainable recovery. They are committed to healing the mind, body and spirit – the authentic person. They are different because they put your recovery back into your hands. They are not responsible for your growth or healing – you are – but will show you what has worked for them and give suggestions on how to live differently. The staff is composed entirely of the SerenityStar founders and former clients. All of whom continue to work on their programs and make their homes here.