By Leonard Rodriguez

This column highlights inspiring stories of Latino leaders. For more than 500 years, Latino men and women have positively influenced the face of United States society. Let us celebrate these outstanding hispanics.

Dr. George Castro

The associate dean of the College of Science at San Jose State University and a fellow of the American Physical Society, Dr. George Castro has made enormous contributions to the world of chemistry and applied physics. He discovered the mechanism of intrinsic charge carriers of organic photo conductors and is a research pioneer in the field of high-resolution laser techniques. He also headed the group of individuals who first discovered superconducting polymers. Ironically, while in high school, Castro was placed on probationary admittance into the college-preparatory curriculum in order to “prove himself.” Outraged because others did not have to “prove themselves,” he finished the semester, marched into his counselor’s office and showed his grades: Straight As and one B.