By: Rachel Delgado

WPA interviewed Olga Elizondo Perez, second generation owner, about the family flower shop. The third generation also helps run the business founded in 1924. Olga said that up to the mid 30s, cattle were still herded down Castroville Rd. on the way to the stockyards. When this happened, they had to rush to bring in the tubs of flowers. The original house was added on to and is part of what is 445 Castroville Rd. The Belgian farms came up to Castroville Rd where the cemetery and the Las Palmas Shopping Center are now. Olga Elizondo Perez’s story (from her email): “Since 1921 when Juan and Margarita Elizondo were forced by Mother Nature (the big flood of September 1921) to move to higher ground. That was a lot on Castroville Rd. which they paid $100 for. Mr. and Mrs. Elizondo had to work pretty hard in order to make the payments. A humble house was built at which Margarita would later add plants and flowers. About that time, San Fernando Cemetery #2 opened. When people visiting the graves saw her yard, they would stop and ask about buying some of her flowers. She would end up selling a big armful of flowers for 5 or 10 cents. So that’s how it all started. I say with a lot of pride and love to everything and of serving our community for all this time. We paid our first business license about 1928. Isn’t that wonderful. We love San Antonio and our community!” Public Comments Business grew on commercial corridor for Westside community. Three generations. It’s Westside and supports cemeteries. The family service is of great value. Thanks to San Antonio and our Westside community for giving the opportunity to serve you with great pride from 1925 to the present, our humble business will be there to carry on. Thanks again, Elizondo’s / Alga Elizondo Perez The original shotgun house is inside the building. An original wall can be seen from a workroom. It exists for our “ante-pasados” who are buried at San Fernando Cemetery. The affordable flowers and wreaths sold at Elizondo’s allowed us to show our respect to our deceased relatives and friends.