Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

From a grocery store, to a feeder store, and now to the newest spot in Cibolo, Texas, Ernie’s Patio Bar is filled with family history, and is a place where everyone is welcome. Austin Schlather, is the proud owner of this beautiful creation, as he has poured himself into Cibolo’s newest mainstay. Diligence pays off.
In the late 1800s, the building we now know as Ernie’s Patio Bar was a grocery store owned by Schlather’s great-grandfather. It was then transferred to Schlather’s grandfather, the late Ernie Schlather (who passed in 2000), and turned into a feed store due to the agricultural locale. In 2017, Austin Schlather took over the location, and with four years of hardwork and ganas, has created something we know those who came before him are proud of.
“I kinda wanted to be able to just add in to my hometown, and you know, try to pack the biggest punch that I could…I think we definitely did it,” remarks Schlather. With their Mango Chamoy Margarita, Frozen Jack and Coke, the top-selling Strawberry Mojito, live music including bands and DJs, and their rotating food trucks (With Latin American Food, Filipino Cuisine, and Cajun food truck as their mainstays), we absolutely agree. You definitely did it. We look forward to what’s to come in this family journey.
“Bring everyone. Everyone’s welcome here, and that’s what we kinda stand by,” Schlather sincerely states. With a plethora of different cuisines to try, and a family atmosphere, who wouldn’t feel welcomed at such an establishment?
For all you entrepreneurs out there, “Just keep going,”advises Schlather, “Whatever your goal is…make sure to write it down. Any goal you have, whether it be a small or big goal, write it down. Write the steps it’s gonna take to get there. And no matter what, just keep on working.”
Keep moving forward, gente. Dreams do come true.
Visit Ernie’s Patio Bar at 200 Pfeil Rd. Cibolo, TX 78108