Photos: Motion Arts Media LLC

When you think of fashion and Coutoure, does Texas come to mind? If it doesn’t, let’s fix that! San Antonio has phenomenally talented artists! From hair stylists, makeup artists, designers, photographers, you name it, we have them and their talent level is out of this world. This past week, I discovered the world of fashion here in San Antonio and Texas. I am blown away by the work and dedication that has been put into showcasing the talent that Texas has to bring. Texas Fashion Week is brought to you by a local team who work tirelessly to shine light on new and old designers, models, photographers. The team; Founder and President, Burgandy Woods, Executive Director, Saige Tomas and Vice President, Jeanelly Concepcion have created Texas Fashion Week and the Texas Fashion Awards.
This year, winners included; Henry De La Paz (Hair Innovator of the Year), Candice Trevino (Influencer of the year), Rose Isela (Acessories/jewelry of the year), Miguel Flores (Photographer of the year), Dru Acosta (Artist of the year), Tabi Stimson (Youth sustainable design talent competition winner) and Agosto Cuellar (Womenswear of the year) to name a few of the winners from the Texas Fashion Awards. The night was full of love, cultura and beauty at the beautiful Tobin Center downtown. Watching recipients congratulate one another was a true part of San Antonio love.
I was able to interview San Anto’s First Lady, Erika Prosper, designer Dru Acosta for brand DeL Hacienda, stylist Kenyada Bell with Her Style Therapy, and designer Adrienne Yunger of Adrienne Yunger design and speak with them about what it means for fashion to be recognized in our beautiful ciudad. The overwhelming response was happiness and excitement about acknowledgment in our community. Acosta specifically speaks about the fashion scene in New York where she/they reside with boyfriend and co-founder of DeL Hacienda, and what it feels like to be nominated as Artist of the year. The interviews can be found on Facebook and Instagram on both La Prensa’s pages and Norteno210.
To say that I am excited for what is to come with the local fashion scene is an understatement. What one can only hope for is that contour is made for ALL bodies. How chingona would it be to see some puro San Antonio beauties rocking high fashion swag?! Fashion is for every BODY and I’m here to not only empower you, the reader to love your skin and dress in whatever makes you happy, but I am calling out to the designers to continue accepting and loving us on the curvy side. We’re here and we’re ready to rock the runway for you!