Eco Centro hosts community movie screenings every month in partnership with the non profit volunteer organization called Humanity Strong Challenge. This Wednesday the organizations will present the HBO film, “Icebox” at 6 p.m at Eco Centro.
The free movie event will feature the story of a young migrant teenager, living in fear and violence and forced to leave his family, friends and country for a chance to escape violence and join a relative and new life in the US. His journey ends alone, in a cold detention center and no hope for asylum.
Eco Centro Director, Meredith Miller said, “We can’t talk about creating a sustainable environment until we create sustainable communities.” The motivation for the movie series is to create more friendships and fewer strangers by gathering community members in one room.
There will be popcorn, beverages, snacks and an informative discussion, regarding the movie theme. A guest speaker will host a discussion on the current state of immigration. All donations for the food items are welcome. All proceeds collected, go to help HSC and Eco Centro continue to bring more movie events like this.
Please visit Eco Centro for more information and get familiar with all of the spring and summer programming that is fast approaching.