Texas Leads the nation in uninsured citizens! The number of U.S. residents lacking any form of health insurance throughout the year rose almost 2 mil- lion from 2017 to 2018 reaching 27.5 million people!

In Texas alone, more than 5 million people lacked health insurance last year. Texas leads the nation in uninsured residents and we need everyone to pitch in and help us find them!

In San Antonio, there is a high percent- age of obesity which in turn produces high rates of people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many residents lose limbs due to diabetes which is known as the silent killer. But good news has arrived! Get Enrolled USA is a new organization leading the way with education and information on the Affordable Carew Act/Obamacare.

Under the current ACA we are experiencing many uncertainties. Get Enrolled USA is committed to our local communities to provide quality personalized education and enrollment assistance.

Get Enrolled USA is available to go to churches, schools, chambers, non- profits and any where we can educate the uninsured and to help them get coverage and live longer, healthier lives!

La Prensa Texas is also proud to announce it will be working in collaboration with Get Enrolled USA to find the uninsured in San Antonio and the Sur- rounding Metropolitan Area! Join us in the great initiative to find the uninsured in your family and neighborhoods!

For more information please contact:
RAMON CHAPA, JR., LA PRENSA TEXAS CO-PUBLISHER at (210) 365-5250 or at ramonchapajr@yahoo.com.

Get Enrolled USA is committed to local communities to provide quality personalized
education and enrollment assistance.

4203 Woodcock Drive, Suite #250 San Antonio, Texas 78228, United States
1 (888) 710-6833

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