If you read the news, does that mean that you will fall down a bottomless pit of helpful or useless facts, endless questions, and conspiracy theories? Maybe, but it doesn’t have to happen that way. In episode forty seven of the GET It podcast, co hosts Roy Aguillon and Kimiya Factory cross a field of rabbit holes in the news and social media with guest Kinyo Laditan, local poet and entrepreneur. They drop into a few of those pits, but then emerge safely again to read the news another day.
Have you listened to the GET It podcast yet? The show is created and produced by young leaders from San Antonio and Austin who care about community and are doing something constructive about it. Together, they keep a close eye on what’s going on around them, especially in our city and state, and then share what they’ve learned with their podcast audience. Oh, and yes, they have opinions. Lots of them. They don’t always agree with each other’s opinions, but their adult conversations are always very informal, fun, and insightful.
This week’s discussion covers the culpability for the Astroworld tragedy and the alleged role of Satanic rituals and explores the motives and effects of US tariffs and conspiracy theories surrounding the uptick in California looting. Also find out if they have, or would, date a White person. It’s a festival of rabbit holes. Jump on in!
Social media has been abuzz about the tragedy at Astroworld during a Travis Scott concert and those discussions amounts to a big rabbit hole. Ten concertgoers died in a crowd surge and many more were injured. Lawsuit claims against Travis Scott and Astroworld organizers by the devastated families have now reached $750 million dollars. In this episode of the GET It podcast, our co hosts dig in to ask who’s really to blame. Is it Travis Scott, event organizers, the police, our culture of indifference, politicians or perhaps, as some would have it…the perpetrators of Satanic rituals. You decide.
Texas isn’t the only state to bear tragic news. Lately, Roy has been sniffing around one of California’s biggest rabbit holes. With the holiday season underway, California retailers and shoppers have been plagued by an unprecedented amount of looting. Shocking news reels show looters brazenly smashing glass cases to pilfer valuables, and descending en masse to rob individual stores. Cohost Kimiya asks, ‘Why this? Why now?”
Clearly, part of the answer to Kimiya’s question has to do with California’s laws. In the last decade, penalties on property thefts less than $950 have been reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor charge in California. As long as the loot from one event is valued at less than $950, the perpetrator can return again and again to loot more without incurring a felony charge. California citizens voted for these changes. But why?
Are there conspiracies swirling around this rabbit hole? You bet! Were voters manipulated into voting for a proposition that decriminalizes looting for items valued at less than $950? Is the civil unrest from these looting events in danger of expanding into civil war?
Perhaps not surprisingly, some robbers consider California’s looting laws to be a great opportunity to make a habit of stealing without much risk of going to jail. While it’s true that the laws lay the foundation for the looting, it still doesn’t fully answer Kimiya’s question. Numerous laws that protected the public were weakened under the disguise of financial savings but have only shifted costs to local communities.
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