Interview by Clint Westwood
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

The employees of Precise Personnel, a new staffing company in San Antonio, are ready to help our ciudad find the work we need to continue our journey in life. With over 150 jobs available in different fields, oportunidad is created for us to help us get back on our feet after a year of panic in the workforce. We simply need to know where to look for these possibilities. With “teamwork, commitment, and dedication,” the diligent staff at this location will assist you with just that…opportunity.
“We’re here to help the community. We’re here to help San Antonio,” Branch Manager Jorge Padron proudly states.
From positions with Toyota Suppliers, to Food Manufacturing, to Quality Control Inspection, the people of Precise Personnel will help you learn and grow in your given field. You can interview and start work the very next day.
“Whenever you’re ready, come down and apply, and we’ll get you ready for the next business day,” states retired Marine and On-Site Recruiter Robert Hayes.
“We do have opportunities here for the city of San Antonio to get people back [to employment],” adds Lead Recruiter Rene Sanchez who is also retired Navy.
No training is required upon applying. Training is offered at the job site you are hired for.
The company also offers a special program for our Military gente as they are partnered with the United States Military, according to Branch Manager Jorge Pardon, thus offering much needed resources for our Veterans.

Now that we know where to look for opportunity, let’s get back to work, gente, and be the gran trabajadores/as that we have always been and always will be.

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Or call: (210) 481-4355
Located at 6806 W Military Dr #106, San Antonio, TX 78227