This past week Eva Schloss, the step-sister of Anne Frank, Holocaust victim of the Nazis, spoke to nearly 1,000 attendees at Trinity’s Laurie Auditorium to a packed house.
Robert Rivard, publisher of the Rivard Report sat down with Eva and held a discussion about her memories of being held in Auschwitz for a good part of the Second World War as she shared her story for well over two hours and captivated the listeners. Other than an occasional sob in the theatre and periotic tears rolling down the cheeks of the faces of many listeners including myself, it was riveting.
The 90-year-old gave details of how she and others survived, compared to many who died in the concentration camps or on death marches. During that time she met Otto Frank the father of Anne on more than one occasion. Her mother barely survived but later married Otto, since his wife perished in the death camps making Eva a step-sister of Anne.
Those in attendance at the auditorium filled the seats which holds an estimated 1,000 plus. Ph.D at Trinity UniversaryMichael Soto Ph.D, Rabbi, Louis Escareno, retiring protection officer for the Mayor, Albert Castillo, former Congressman Henry Bonilla, Eddie Aldrete, Mayor Ron Nirenburg, Robert Rivard, Debbie Linck,crowd, questionnaires from the audience
I was able to speak to her for less than a minute and shared that in 1972 I visited the Anne Frank house in Holland and I met a cousin in Israel who survived Dachau for a year as a 12-year-old.
The event was hosted by Chabad Center for Jewish Life and learning at Trinity University.