Hotel Valencia was honored to host a distinguished gathering for a private welcoming ceremony in honor of Archbishop Broglio. The event, attended by esteemed guests including Director of Military Affairs Ret. Army Charles Mario Henry Sr, Tommy Calvert Jr, Bexar County Commissioner Precinct 4, Burrell Palmer Post Commander of Fred Brock, showcased the community’s deep respect and admiration for the Archbishop.

Director Charles Mario Henry, Sr. revered figure within both the Bexar County, Texas and Washington D.C. veteran communities, has served in numerous roles dedicated to the welfare and empowerment of our veterans. His tireless efforts underscore his unwavering commitment to honor and support those who have served our nation.

Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Jr. extended his heartfelt greetings to Archbishop Broglio, highlighting his esteemed role within the community and beyond. Commissioner Calvert Jr’s commitment to serving the community and honoring our military and Catholic brothers and sisters was exemplified in his presence and participation.

Capturing the essence of the occasion were the evocative photographs taken by Post Commander Burrell Parmer, a distinguished leader serving the veteran community and Bexar County. His contributions to preserving the memory and valor of our veterans are invaluable.

Burrell Palmer, a distinguished leader serving the veteran community and Bexar County, along his post Fred Brock of American Legion Post No. 828, showcased their talent through their photographs, immortalizing the spirit of camaraderie and reverence that permeated the event.

In a gesture of sincere appreciation, Kevin G Saunders of KGS Studios in San Antonio, Bexar County, presented a unique gift to Archbishop Broglio – an 11 x 14 rendering of Mission San Jose, part of Saunders’ esteemed World Heritage Mission Collection. Saunders, with over 40 plus years serving the art world nationwide and globally, has a long history of providing excellence and showcasing many high-end portraits throughout the globe, with his home base in San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County. This limited edition print, measuring 35 x 20 feet, holds profound significance and embodies the rich cultural heritage of San Antonio.

A special acknowledgment was also extended to the Warriors to Lourdes France, a holy pilgrimage, where Charles Mario Henry, Sr will be on the journey to Lourdes,France representing the United States with pride. As a devout Catholic from Bexar County Precinct 4, Charles Mario Henry, Sr’s participation in this sacred journey, alongside his fellow warriors, from May 17th to May 28th, 2024, reflects his unwavering commitment to faith and service.

The community is grateful for the unwavering support of St. Monica’s Catholic Church, which has played an integral role in fostering a sense of unity and devotion amongst its members.

Hotel Valencia extends its sincerest gratitude to all those who contributed to making this welcoming ceremony a memorable and heartfelt occasion.