Interview by Angel Contero
Article by Jeremiah Sosa

After a brief hiatus, Rita Hernandez and her multifaceted company, Inspiration 4 Life, is back in full force giving voices to the voiceless in San Antonio.
Inspiration 4 Life is a multifaceted company that dives into community outreaches, live radio broadcasting, magazines, podcasting, Facebook Live streams, production, and soon to be film. Hernandez also has a brick and mortar location that serves as her broadcasting studio, art gallery, as well as a shop where she sells clothes, art, and crafts.
Hernandez has operated Inspiration 4 life for 16 years, first starting out with community outreaches.
After being out in the streets of San Antonio for her community outreaches, listening to the stories of the locals, Hernandez was inspired to create a media division of her company, so that she could help echo their stories.
“I listened to what the outcrys were of the people and what was needed, and I felt like this was something that was truly needed from the community of San Antonio, to have their voices heard,” said Hernandez. “When I see something inspiring, and when I hear something that’s amazing, they need to get their stories out there.”
As for the future of Inspiration 4 Life, it is looking bright, as she plans to take her storytelling to another level. To do this, Hernandez is going to roll out something that she has been working on behind the scenes for a long time: Film documentaries.
“We’re really focusing on the people’s voices, stories, so that’s something that I’m very very excited about, and I have an amazing team that we’re going to be working together with,” said Hernandez.
If you would like to continue to follow Hernandez and Inspiration 4 Life and hear the stories of San Antonio locals, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook, @inspiration4lifeworldwide, or visit her website