For over nine years I have been writing, “Just a Thought” and “Ask the Judge.” I will be adding a new dimension, columns that focus on “Ain’t done yet.”

In talking to La Prensa Texas VP Yvette Tello, she suggested I write about living at Madison Estates where I am now a resident. That sounded good to me.

Having been a resident for over two months, I have seen a lot, heard a lot, an experienced a lot, which has been interesting. When my wife, Linda informed me were moving to Fredericksburg Road at Madison Estates, I reacted like many who moved in long before me. “Moving to an old-folks home?  Well first they say it is not an “old-folks home,” but an “Independent Senior Living” facility. Ok I will go with that. But I must point out that many people like myself, don’t see the difference.

Madison Estates is a beautiful compound with five floors and many amenities. Walk down any corridor and the walls are tastefully decorated with beautiful pictures of scenery and historical significance. Tenants are encouraged to display some of their personal artwork.

What has amazed me is how many different activities are offered at my residence. Of course there is bingo, arts and crafts, entertainers performing, and the like. Every Sunday they have an Ice Cream social. Boy does that bring out people to include younger family members.

Movies most nights are shown in the vestibule in front of the dining room where many activities are held every night to include clowns, impersonators, singers and healthcare providers. Every Friday morning the driver on call takes those who signed up to various field trips. I went on one of those trips to the Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston, because I had served in the Army on a short tour there. Granted it has changed a lot I still had fond memories of my service at Fort Sam in the 70s.

Recently I had a fall in my apartment and the EMS had to come and take me to the VA’s Audie Murphy emergency room. As luck would have it, Madison Estates was only a few blocks away. 12 hours later I was back in my apartment with a few bumps.

Then there is the dining facility where we are served three meals a day with good wholesome food. My wife doesn’t have to cook but she does on occasion. It is her choice. In fact she has been recruited to participate in a chili cook off. She says she plans to win the cookoff!

I almost forgot we have a king size pool for residents and grandchildren and other family as well. We have church services on Sunday, Bible studies, cleaning services once a week, transportation for residents who need to go to doctor’s appointments or anywhere they need to go to include the grocery. You can’t do better than that if you ask me.

By the way, don’t forget, moving to Madison Estates is a positive decision because we“ain’t done yet!”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Journalist and Justice of the Peace